Stanford Online Course on Designing for Deeper Learning

Stanford University is bringing an online course ‘Designing for Deeper Learning: How to Develop Performance Tasks for the Common Core’.

This online course focuses on the Common Core state of Standards and Next Generation Science Standards on the complex and sophisticated disciplinary skills. It also highlights the understandings that helps in going beyond routine multiple-choice tests.

Tests that require students to only bubble in a scantron are inadequate to measure (or support) their learning and growth, whether they are learning to select, use and explain evidence to support a claim or to analyze data to evaluate a hypothesis.

The more suited task is performance assessments as it requires that students create and produce rather than recall and repeat. Students are also required to apply critical skills and knowledge to demonstrate understanding.

In this course students will develop and implement a performance task that is aligned with a specific curricular unit and performance outcomes.

The four main objectives of this course are for participants to:

-Understand and identify features of high quality performance assessments;

-Develop a grade-level, course-specific, practical, performance task that is aligned with (and embedded within) a curricular unit of study;

-Begin to use data from performance tasks to tailor and improve instruction and curriculum;

-Contribute to building an online community of educators focused on using performance-based assessments to identify and develop students’ abilities. 

Course Begins

This course will begin from 8th September 2014.

Duration of the Course

This course will run for 9 weeks.

Course Field

Through this course you will develop performance tasks for the common core. This MOOC is designed for the core disciplines of mathematics, language arts, history/social studies, and science.

Course Format

Participants will work collaboratively with other educators in their discipline to accomplish course learning goals and assignments. Participants currently teach or have access to a classroom for which they can design a performance assessment and then implement that assessment


Teachers of grade 6 – 12 who are working in the core disciplines of mathematics, language arts, history/social studies, and science are eligible to apply.

About the Instructor

Raymond L. Pecheone

Professor of Practice at the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University and Executive Director of the Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning and Equity (SCALE)

Daisy Martin

Director of History/Social Studies Performance Assessment at SCALE

Ruth Chung Wei

Director of Assessment Research and Development at SCALE

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