Stanford’s Principles & Practices of Gene Therapy : New Online Course Launched

Another new feather has been added into the cap of Stanford’s online courses in the form of Principles and Practices of Gene Therapy.

Made available to all foreign students from across the globe, this online program is the first elective subject that is offered in the auspicious of Stanford Genetics and Genomics Certificate. All students are allowed to either enroll in the single course or complete a total of 6 courses successfully (2 necessary & 4 electives) to earn a professional certificate.

In R&D departments, gene therapy plays a very crucial role, especially among the students who are focusing on the treatment of complex diseases. With successful clinical practices and advances in gene therapy, a professional can expect some great results for the cancer patients, HIV patients and all other patients suffering from incurable diseases.

After the advent of Principles and Practices of Gene Therapy, an online course by Stanford University, students are exposed to the fundamental overview of gene therapy along with an in-depth view of all crucial trends and advances and researches in this domain. Students will be taught how gene therapy actually works, its significance, how it has advanced & developed and its potential.

Online Certificate In Genetics And Genomics

The faculty members of Stanford’s Department of genetics will be responsible for taking classes of Principles and Practices of Gene Therapy course. The professors and lecturers of this department are globally acclaimed and recognized as leaders in the field of genomics, genetics and personalized medicine. The lectures are designed to offer exceptional insight of the field.

Some of the other most preferred courses under the auspicious of Stanford Genetics and Genomics Certificate include, Fundamentals of Genetics: The Genetics You Need to Know and Genomics and Other Omics: The Comprehensive Essentials.
-Agricultural biotechnology
-Cancer genomics
-Personalized genomics
-Synthetic biology

Admission Procedures

The acceptance of applications for this program is ongoing. Online applications are accepted for the Stanford Genetics and Genomics Certificate program. To collect more information about the online program and admission procedure you may visit here.

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