Student Visa for Australia

If you are interested in studying at Australia, you must have a valid Australian visa. Student visas are being allotted for such purpose. It is a temporary type of visa which permits students from all over the world to come to Australia to pursue a course work for a specified period from an educational institute in Australia.

Visa For Student

Australian Student Visa permits the person to pursue academic studies and work in Australia for the time period which is equal to the specified duration of the course work plus 28 days after the completion of the classes i.e. approx. one month. The person must have attained the minimum age of 16 to apply for the same.

Student Visa Can Be Applied For

-Courses in language (e.g.: General English, IELTS Preparation and Cambridge, etc.);
-Specialized Courses (VET Courses, Vocational Education & Training);
-Scholar Courses: (Bachelor degree, Master’s and PhD).

Approval Of The Visa

The visa for the student will only be approved if it is certified by the Australian’s schools offering accredited courses. Its approval is subject to the conformation of enrollment .i.e. C.O.E. which clearly defines the dates for the commencement of the coursework as well as dates for the completion of the same.

The person may pursue multiple courses at the same visa i.e. language and vocational course. The minimum and maximum time period of the course work for which visa cam be applied ranges from 12 weeks to 50 weeks maximum.

How To Apply For Student Visa?

The visa can be applied through the website of the Australian Department of Immigration. Students visa are processed shortly and it does not take much time. It is obligatory to furnish C.O.E i.e.confirmation code of enrollments to get a Student Visa. 

Costs Incurred For Acquiring Student Visa

The cost of this visa is $ 535 Australian, payable with credit card directly on the Australian immigration website during your request.

The application fee for the student’s visa for Australia is $ 535 Australian, which can be paid directly to the Australian Department of Immigration via net or credit card.

Is The Person On Student Visa is Permitted To Work?

The person is allowed to work in Australia on student visa on part time basis i.e. maximum up to 40 hours in every two weeks during the classwork and on the basis of full time when the course work has been completed.

Although, to start work the person must have obtained Tax file number, bank account will also be required to precede monetary transactions.

Student Visa In Australia Allows A Person To

-Legally enter the premises of Australia and permits to work also but only in case the person has attained the age of 31.
-May endorse the member of the family in it i.e. spouse and children but only as dependents
-Permits those people to enter Australia and work who are having high risk passport.

Medical Coverage Of The Applicant

Student visa does not provide any coverage on health concerns.

What Is The Age Limit In Application For Student Visa?

The student visa application guidelines do not have any age limit. It can also be applied to have short term work experience or gain an insight into the foreign studies exposure.

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