Study Abroad: Career in Engineering

After completing 10+2 Education, most of the science stream students look out for career in the field of Engineering. If you are ground-breaking and like challenges, then engineering is just the right career field for you.

There are number of specialties within this field, and you can opt any that you are sure to a find fit. It has been found that most of the students prefer to go abroad for studies despite the fact that a number of engineering seats are available in the local colleges.

In western countries students get well rounded education with an access to latest technologies, equipments and research facilities. If students are asked to make choices where to study abroad then it would  not be so easy to decide amongst so many popular destinations like USA, UK, Australia, Canada etc.

Every country has its own set of admission rules and there are some rules that you need to follow every where like:

– Strong Academics: Students should not take ninth and eleventh standard examinations lightly because academic record is one of the most important factors that is considered for admission into a prestigious programme. Completion of the high school equivalent to the country you are applying to: If you are from India then this could be Class 12th or any other equivalent program . In case if you are applying for UK then you must have 13 years of school education before you apply for undergraduate program.

-You will be asked “how much you are proficient in English?”, for that you need to take one of the standardized tests like Test of English as foreign Language (TOEFL), International English language Testing System (IELTS) etc.

-Most of the universities take into consideration that the students should have studied Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry during all the four years of high school.

– A number of universities abroad give weightage to extra curricular achievements during admissions.

-Applicant must be 18 years of age at least for degree programmes in some of the countries.

Students should start looking out for admission criteria as early as class tenth as the admission process usually starts one year earlier to the programme and one also needs to prepare well for the standardized tests.

The information mentioned below about each country is general, please contact the concerned  university or school website for detailed admission process.

USA: If we talk about USA then remember that the country has a very time consuming process for applying for admissions. Most of the universities and colleges in USA manage their admissions process independently. It is very important to check for accreditation of a school, for engineering ABET evaluates and recognizes the programmes in USA.

Generally the undergraduate programme is credit based which means if you have the required number of credits then you are a graduate. Many schools also offer integrated 5 years’ master’s and bachelor’s programme.

Scholarships are also available to international students at some schools or universities.

Australia: Every year a number of students go to Australia for higher studies. It has been one of the popular destinations for studies. The education system there gives much importance to experimental learning and research and the Australian degrees are accepted worldwide.

In the month of February and July generally the admissions take place. Students for Undergraduate programmes should have Mathematics, Physics and/ or Chemistry in all the four years of high school.

Germany: Germany is considered to be the hub for research opportunities. It is one of the leading countries in the field of science, technology and research with more than 300 institutions.

Mostly all the programmes are taught in English so having German language skills is not necessary .As an international student you can work 90 days in a calendar year which is not only restricted to campus jobs like in case of USA.

So, are you ready to go abroad for pursuing your engineering degree?

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Wishing you success!!!

Preeti Supyal

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