Study at Cambridge University

While there are many great schools, colleges and universities all over the world, there are some schools that as soon as you hear the name you know it is a top quality one that is certainly worth attending and likely not easy for everyone to get into.

Schools such as Harvard, Yale, the Sorbonne, Stanford and more all of amazing reputations as being places that have the best facilities, faculty, staff, grounds, courses and more, offering students the potential for the best education and experience a college or university can provide. When you are considering some of the top universities in the world, it is important for you to consider study in Cambridge University, one of the best places on the planet to receive an education.

Cambridge University is one of the oldest universities in the world and has long carried with it a prestigious name and pedigree. Located north of London and surrounded by much smaller villages and towns, Cambridge has earned the reputation as being one of the finest education institutions on the planet and has been attended by some of the most renowned scholars in history. The university has played an important part in world history, leading ideas that took part in the Renaissance period, the Reformation and other important cultural, political and historical movements. Some the most famous people in the fields of medicine, science, literature and philosophy have studied and taught and Cambridge to lend even more credence to the university.


Cambridge University has a wide range of areas of potential study to fit the interests of any student. Anyone can certainly find an area that they are interested in following, whether it is literature, history, philosophy or any of the other humanities. The school is well noted for its sciences and mathematical departments and has offerings in chemistry, physics, biology and medicine, having turned out some of the finest doctors in the world from their programs. Nearly any subject imaginable is available to study and thousands of courses are available.

The university is also on the cutting edge when it comes to the latest technology fields as well. Cambridge University has assisted greatly in the formation of Silicon Fen. Silicon Fen is a technology and business center that is likened greatly to Silicon Valley located in California in the United States. The area is filled with technology-based corporations and Cambridge not only participates in the programs by offering courses, providing internships and graduates to the business but the area itself is in and around the school. Silicon Fen is widely considered to be one of the largest market centers on the planet.

Admission Requirements

Because the school is so well known and respected, it can be a difficult process to get into Cambridge. There are many applicants always seeking to go to school there, both from within the United Kingdom and from all over the world, making it a very competitive environment for one of the spaces at the school. Students who enter must have very good grades throughout their educational career, including high school and any college courses or experience they may have, in order to gain entrance.

A grades are generally required by potential students if they want to have any hopes of gaining admission. Quality experience in activities outside the school can also play a role in any application that you submit and the university does look at each application individually to consider any special circumstances that a particular student may have. Each student must go through the application and interview process in order to be considered for entrance to the school.

Course Levels

In order to get into Cambridge University and study there, students should have taken a good combination of course levels that helps prepare them well for the course they plan to take at Cambridge.

In your twelfth year or senior year of your high school or college preparatory work, it is recommended that you take at least for AS level courses and get A grades in those classes to display your commitment to the course work. You will be asked to report your grades in these courses as part of your application as well.

It is important that you take courses such as these to not only challenge yourself but show your commitment to the course that you want to take in order for Cambridge to see that you are serious about your studies in this chosen area. You should also take three or four courses that are at A level as well to show you have a range of interests.


When you study at Cambridge and earn a degree from the university, your work and qualifications will carry a certain amount of recognition to them unlike that of any other university. What you gain from your coursework and degree from the school can open countless doors for you with both employers and at other universities should you seek to go on for advanced degrees somewhere else.

Many employers will give high preference to someone who has studied as Cambridge because it shows a strong commitment to hard work and a certain level of dedication that employers want in those that they hire. You can find that there are many doors open to you when you have studied at Cambridge.

While it may take some effort to get into the school, the opportunity to study in Cambridge University is unlike any other chance you may ever have in your life. If your dream has always been to attend one of the finest schools in the world in order to obtain a top-flight education and experience and to have a degree that can widely open many doors for because of its prestige, than study in Cambridge University may be just the name you are seeking.

Follow all the instructions of the application procedure to get admission at undergraduate or graduate levels of Cambridge University.