Tilburg University’s 2015-2016 Scholarships For Foreign Students Announced   

For 2015-2016 Academic Year, the Tilburg University Schools has announced several scholarships that will be made available to excellent foreign students who are applying for Research Master’s Programs (MA, M.Sc or LLM) at one of four University Schools.

The bursaries are made available for both current and prospective international students.

According to Officials, “Tilburg University is highly dedicated toward offering financial assistance to all motivated and talented international students who want to pursue graduate programs at any of the University Schools”.

They further added, “Please make a note that the number of awards offered is limited and hence primarily target only the students with exceptional academic career and records”.

Therefore, reading the requirements and observing the deadline of the scholarship programs is utmost crucial for all students. The overall information about different scholarship programs can be obtained from the official website.

The financial department further added, “In most of the cases the scholarships also covers the living expenses of the Tilburg Universitystudents, but partially. The scholarship amount acts as the tuition waiver for all non-EU students that enable them to pay off the institutional fee with ease”.

Remember, the selection criterion for most of the scholarship programs are based on the academic records and excellence of the international students. In some of the other scholarship programs the applicants must hold a diploma from accredited institutions, especially from those institutions having collaboration with the University for the specific Scholarship Programs.

TSB and TSH scholarships

Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences or TSB and Tilburg School of Humanities or TSH has announced a total of 17 bursaries for 2015-2016 academic years. The scholarships will be made available to both non-EEA and EEA applicants.

The applicants must have average grade of 8 out of 10 or be the top 10% of the class. The application for TSH and TSB scholarships will be last accepted till 1st of April. The other scholarship holders will be awarded € 5,000 per year, while students paying their institutional fee will receive around € 9,000 per year which will act as a tuition waiver for them.

TLS Scholarships

Tilburg Law School Montesquieu Scholarship is awarded automatically to all non-EEA applicants who want to pursue LLM Research Master in Law. TLS Global Scholarship is awarded to non-EEA students who have graduated from institutes having collaboration with Tilburg University. This award covers only 25% of program cost.

TiSEM Scholarships

Koopmans Scholarship is primarily awarded to non-Dutch students with excellent academic records. It is for students who want to join Research Masters at TiSEM in 1st or 2nd year. The scholarship acts as tuition waiver for the applicants.

CentER Scholarship can be availed by students of Research Master at TiSEM. The student receives € 420 net per month along with additional tuition waiver only for non-EU students.

TiSEM Partner Scholarships are basically awarded to students who enroll in one-year Masters Program at TiSEM and having Bachelor Degree in concerned field from any Tilburg University partner institutions.

IMMIT Scholarship is mainly awarded to students applying for International Master in Management and IT Program. Students applying for the respective program before 1st April become eligible candidate automatically for this scholarship to pursue their education.

Excellence Scholarships are only awarded to students who have earned Bachelor degree from Tilburg University itself. The scholarship amount ranges from € 2,500 grant to € 5,000 tuition waiver.

To gather more information about eligibility criteria and scholarship programs you may visit the website of Tilburg University Schools.

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