Tip-off about American Private and Public Universities

In today’s economic environment, Government University get a rush of applicants because of lower cost of state-funded school. However in many cases a private university or colleges may actually represents a greater value in terms of education. So here are some points to be considered given below:

If we talk about in the terms of finance, the financial aid packages at both Public and Private Universities in USA begin with the FAFSA (To apply for FAFSA, you must be a citizen of USA), and the data collected on FAFSA identifies the Expected Family Contribution (EFC). Thus, suppose if one family income is $16000, that amount would be same for both colleges and universities.

The very noticeable difference between American government and private universities is tuition fee, which is very much higher at a private university, as we know that the fee of private institution is 8-10 times higher than public university. The reason is that private universities rely directly on student and alumni funding in order to operate, but a public university accepts no Subsidiary from the state that the school or college is located in.

If a student is going to take admission in private university he/she should look not only the amount of financial aid they will receive, but also what type of aid they are offering.
In tenacious financial times, government universities have fewer resources than private colleges, so they need to depend more on loans and institution help as they attempt to meet a need of student.

If we talk about financial crisis the government university can reduce their ability to offer merit scholarship, layoff’s etc.
For Eg: California state university had to stop enrollments for 2009-2010.

A Final Word:
At last we can say that the most important factor is how much the university is well-suited to the student’s need and career interests. Student should give rate their ideal university’s programs and courses offerings before taking the admission.

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