Tips for Writing a Transfer Essay

If you find that the current college or university is not at all apt for you, you may be considering applying for admission to a new one. When you apply for a transfer, then you are asked for a transfer essay and the biggest question that you need to answer through your transfer essay is “Why do you want a transfer”. Here are some tips for writing a winning transfer essay. One needs to carefully craft the transfer essay before applying.

Specific Reasons for transfer:

Mention clearly and quote specific reasons for applying for a transfer. The reason for transfer should be related to your academic and professional goals, not your personal expediency or your wish to run away from your current school. Through your essay, the reviewing committee should get an idea that you know the school to which you are applying. Make sure you know about the school well and provide necessary details about it in your transfer essay.

Many of the transfer students have splotches in their college records. Never try to blame others for a bad grade or low GPA. It doesn’t sound good blaming your professors, fellow mates or somebody else for this. Your grades are yours and only you should be accountable for them. Try to explain that how you have planned to improve your performance at your new school as well. Showing this kind of maturity level will definitely create a positive impact in the minds of the admission panel.

Don’t speak negative about your College

It is good that you want to join a new college because you are not satisfied with the current college. Don’t speak out anything negative about the new college i.e. I have had a terrible experience and the faculty was not good there etc. Rather than that present it in a good manner that your current school isn’t a good match for your interests and goals. You should not sound to be pointlessly critical and ungenerous.

Check for the errors, tone

Check the transfer application thoroughly before applying; a shoddy essay that’s riddled with blunders is not going to impress anyone. Take help of your seniors, school teachers in this regard.

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