Top Engineering Universities for International Students

Engineering is surely an emerging field in the current world. Once you have an engineering degree you will be offered with some good career prospects. However, international students prefer studying in overseas colleges keeping in mind the career opportunities that the courses bring with them. If you are good at science subjects like mathematics and electronics, you can apply for engineering courses abroad. There are thousands of colleges offering you a selection of different technical courses in the field of engineering.

Let’s have a look on world’s top engineering universities and colleges international students can take admission into.

MIT School of Engineering 

The college in Cambridge, United States, is the world’s best engineering college, hands down. The 150 years old college has produced around 80 Nobel Prize winning students. More than 10,000 students enroll in various courses in the academy. Graduate, postgraduate and doctoral courses are offered in architecture, planning, engineering, and technology fields. Students from 115 different countries are studying in MIT. Scholarships are provided by the institute as well. Institute brings into consideration the financial condition of the candidate before granting. Applying for undergraduate financial aid will automatically make you eligible for federal grants and MIT scholarships.

University of Melbourne

The university in Australia is internationally recognized for its excellence in teaching and research. It offers many undergraduate degrees and graduate programs. Over 50,000 students graduate from the college every year. 88% of the students are from other countries.

California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

It is a top science and engineering research and education institution. Situated in Pasadena, United States, the college takes in 2,300 students every year. The institute is known for producing 31 Nobel laureates till date. Although the university provides doctoral and master degree programs, it mainly concentrates on its graduate courses. Duration for undergraduate programs is four years. Caltech has special provisions for scholarships. The aid depends on the financial condition subjected to the available funds. Federal Pell grant programs, the federal supplemental education opportunity grants and call grants are some of the need based scholarships.

University of Cambridge

The university is located in the United Kingdom and is a beautiful place to spend your student life. There are more than 8,500 staff members and 18,300 students. The university receives many benefits and scholarships every year. The institute consists of large numbers of foreign students studying various courses such as electrical engineering, civil engineering, comport science among others. Around 80 scholarships will be available for the international students from the next academic year.

Princeton University

Though, Princeton is a small institute, it boasts of 30 Nobel laureates among its alumni and faculty. The campus accommodates about 5,000 undergraduates and 2,500 postgraduates. About 40% of the students are international and feel at home on the campus. Financial aid is provided for both under graduate and graduate students.the institute is more concerned for talented students irrespective of their financial condition.

Ecole Polytechnique

The institute in France is world famous for its engineering courses. It was founded by Napoleon, and over 2,000 undergraduates and 700 postgraduates study different engineering courses in the college. The campus and the city are safe for foreign students and over 70% of the students are from different parts of the world.

Almost all the above universities offer grants and scholarships for appreciable number of students. Hosting a number of courses and streams within engineering, these are the top performing colleges in the engineering field.

University of Bridgeport 

The private institute is known for its international student’s strength. About 94.4% of the students are from across the world. They have enrolled in the various graduate and post graduate courses offered by the institute. Low tuition fees and good financial aid attract international students to this university. UB School of Engineering has more highly skilled instructors than any other online master’s degree program.

McGill University Canada

McGill’s Faculty of Engineering is considered as one of the escorts of engineering and design. This school has proficiency in bioengineering, nanotechnology, additive manufacturing, advanced materials, project management. This school adopts interdisciplinary teaching approach and promotes strong working relationship among the like-minded people working in academics, industry and government.

Syracuse University

The university is located in New York. The university accommodates more than the whopping figure of 12,000 full time undergraduate students and around 1,000 students as a part of part time undergraduate. Students come from 50 different states and 115 different countries. The percentage of international students is 87. Students of engineering and computer science major can choose from ten undergraduate majors, including Systems and Information Sciences. Graduate programs are offered in electrical engineering, civil engineering, and twelve other MS and PhD programs are also provided. Financial support is also provided to for more than 200 students to pursue graduate degrees each year.

Blekinge Institute of Technology

This institute was established in 1989 and has more than 5000 students and about 500 employees. This institute offers bachelors and masters degree in various fields of engineering like Electrical engineering, Software Engineering, Computer Science, Structural Engineering. This is one of the universities in Sweden that are distinctly profiled.

Illinois Institute of Technology

The Armour College of the Illinois Institute of Technology offers different engineering courses. The different subjects offered are aeronautical, chemical, mechanical, civil, computer, electrical, and electronic engineering. About 80% of the students are from foreign countries. The institute provides research courses along with graduate and post graduate courses.As many as 97% of the students at the IIT receive financial aid. It may be a function of the student’s need or merit or both.

University of Texas Dallas

The institution confers degrees and master degrees in various subjects including engineering. 40% of the students are international. The campus is safe for all nationalists and is a fun place to learn. UTD has about 21,193 students in undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral courses. There are many student scholarship programs to assist the foreign students. Various scholarships are provided to efficient students. Undergraduate engineering programs of Erik Jonsson School of Engineering & Computer Science of University of Texas Dallas are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET.

National University of Singapore (NUS)

It is one of the best engineering colleges in Asia. Located in Singapore, the university is well known for its global approach to education and research. It offers multidisciplinary courses and up-to-date education on technology. The college offers internships, double degree and joint degree programs along with the regular courses. More than 37,000 students from 100 countries enroll here annually.

Various universities, organizations and academic institutions worldwide offer financial aid for the national and international student to facilitate this technical field with creamy layer. Go through Scholarships for Engineering Students.

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