UAE Leading Among Arab Countries : Having Highest Netflow Ratio of International & Local Students

When most of the other Arab countries showing negative trend of international and local students, UAE has around 34122 overseas students in comparison to 7719 outbound students. This is the most current figure according to the Institute of Statistics, UNESCO (UIS).

As per the latest news of the Arab world, the United Arab Emirates top the charts in terms of the net student inflow ratio. This is not surprising to see that UAE has gradually emerged as one of the preferred destinations among students worldwide to pursue their higher education. With a ratio as high as 40, UAE stands on the top of the Arab countries that witnesses maximum student inflow.

Qatar and Lebanon fall second and third with a ratio of 9.7 and 5.4 respectively. The other Arab countries such as Morocco and Tunisia witness a UAE Leading Among Arab Countriesnegative ratio as high as -8.1 and -4.5 respectively.  With a high turnover of around 34122 overseas students studying in UAE, and a comparatively lower 7719 local students of UAE who study abroad, Arab Emirates stands tall at the no.1 position in net flow ratio of students.

The current figures are the ones that are charted by the premier institute of UNESCO, Institute of Statistics. The figures of UIS reveal the comparable cross national statistics on education in over 200 countries.

As UAE ranks no.1 amongst the Arab countries, it has been seen that the demand for high education has been on a rise in UAE. The students are looking forward to pursue higher education in esteemed universities which have quality education to offer in and outside the country. Looking into the interest of students the Carian College, advisors UAE have announced a large number of scholarships which are specially designed keeping in mind the needs of students who wish to pursue higher education in an overseas university.

Peter Davos, Managing Director of Carian College Advisors remarks that the number of inbound students in UAE is on a rise.

Dubai has got some of the best institutes such as DIAC that work on the mission and vision of providing good infrastructure and services essential to support our educational institutions to run programs at full capacity. The institutes here visualize being the regional destination for higher education providers that serves the development of the UAE.

The only freezone of the world, dedicated to Higher Education DIAC Dubai International Academy City is based in Dubai with 21 of the UAE’s 37 International Branch Campuses. UAE is gradually emerging as a global education village. Aimed to establish UAE as knowledge based economy a large number of international educational institutes are coming up in this Arab country.

Running the credit of having the highest ratio of international and local students, universities and colleges include over 300 higher education programmes. These include undergraduate and post graduate programmes from various distinct fields such as engineering, IT, Media, Fashion Designing, Mass Communications, Business, Healthcare, Media etc. Alike DIAC there are a large number of other academic institutes that offer international degrees and a professional experience. The education system of UAE is quite adaptive and sustainable, committed to achieve its targets and pool in resourceful talent from across the world.

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