UNESCO Unveils Online Science Education Resource On World Science Day

In a recent announcement on World Science Day for Peace and Development 2014, UNESCO launched a new online science education resource to serve as a single destination for students, academia and anyone looking for a reliable source for science related information.

This initiative has been taken jointly in association with Nature Education and Roche. This resource is called the UNESCO World Library of Science (WLoS).

The key objective of this initiative is to offer students across the globe, especially in regions that may not offer access to high level and reliable resource for science related information.

The website is designed to offer not only information but an opportunity to enable students to share their thoughts and engage in meaningful interactions with peers and other experts.

The website offers more than 300 articles that have updated information and acts as a one single point of information. There are currently 25eBooks and more than 70 videos from Nature, the distinguished and popular scientific journal. The medium is a best in class digital platform which offers the facility to students to create same subject led calluses, forums and interact with others from across the globe.

“Science plays an integral role in shaping future generations of innovators and thinkers. Yet, some of the regional globally do not have access to cutting edge research based materials. This initiative is designed to bridge these gaps and build a new destination for accelerated learning for not only students, but also researchers, academia and anyone interested in following the subject,” commented an official from UNESCO.

Some of the key advantages of this new platform are as follows:

-The initiative is available to anyone from across the globe having basic access to the internet with a decent computer.

-It is free and the level of materials is very advanced and offers a great opportunity to so many who may not have such access in their home countries.

-The overall objective lies in helping great minds in teaching and research coming together hence helping the overall enhancement in traditional teaching and learning models and methods.

-Serves as a one source website with best in class information designed to make the complex subject simple and easy to understand

-Helps in development of science which serves as an important subject for varied lines of innovation and application in real life solutions to problems

-Helps create a community of like minded students, peers and experts. This automatically leads to the creation of a dynamic and valued resource for the future

Citing this initiative, this is what one of the science professors had to say, “Science can be a complex and daunting topic to teach and learn. But it is the basis of many discoveries and can shape the future to new directions. Such a broad and wide global community of people focused on understanding the subject can only lead to further development, interest and advancement across science.”

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