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Italy is an ideal destination with a historic environment and studying in this place provides a chance to visit massive amount of historical sites with a vibrant atmosphere all around. Italy is also known to have some of the oldest and prestigious universities in the whole world.

 Merits for Studying in Italy for International Students

The Importance for study for international students in Italy is that it provides an excellent chance to experience a new way of learning and an opportunity to congregate with new people. This major decision of studying in Italy must be carefully planned and thought as it is golden chance to a new living and it opens doors to endless opportunities in various fields of study and jobs in top notch corporate firms. Excellent amenities for the development of the students are provided in the Institutions of Italy.

Many destinations in abroad attract students because of its high quality education they provide and a chance to participate in various curricular activities that are accessible in the academic career. It is a golden chance for the students to learn a foreign language and huge courses are provided in Italy for international students to pursue their education in an effective manner. Visa requirements are also liberalized for students wishing to experience this lifetime experience and gain good reputation in their career.

10 Reputed Universities in Italy

University of Bologna

UNIBO is known as one of the top ranked universities in Italy and it involves a distinctive experience with unique familiarity and an unknown culture. There are around 207 degree programs that are made available for students and out of which 40 programs are internationally based. Study grants and fee exemptions are also provided to the students here.

Sapienza University of Rome

This state university is autonomous and co-educational. It is the biggest Italian University that specializes in different streams of education like law, medicine, philosophy and theology. It also provides excellent PHD programs for students wanting to excel in their career. There are many libraries set up for the benefit of students.

University of Bari Aldo Moro

This education institution in Bari (Italy) is supported by the state and is divided into 12 faculties that focus mainly on subjects like social science, arts, mathematics, literature, law and medicine.

University of Padua

Special grant is provided for international students pursuing their PhD in this college. It provides good facilities for the students staying here and provides teaching in media, sports, recreation and international research projects.

Politecnico Di Milano

Financial aid is provided to students pursuing education in this college. This European University specializes in Engineering, Industrial Design and Architecture. It is the largest technical university in Italy and offers both undergraduate and graduate courses.

University of Naples Federico II

This university founded in the year 1224 is the world’s oldest state university and that is organized into 13 faculties is in Naples (Italy). It offers courses in various disciplines and research facilities are made available to the students here. They even promote and support students’ association. The university provides scholarships and government grants  to students to finance their studies.

University of Rome Tor Vergata

This public research university is just 26 years old. It has gained popularity to provide high quality standard of education in 6 faculties like Economics, Humanities, Engineering, Law, Medicine and Sciences. It is also one among the top research based institution.

Catholic University of the Sacred Heart

This private research institute helps students to engage in professional development and the building of this research institute is stunningly beautiful. It provides an interdisciplinary approach to students and helps them to gain scientific knowledge in a responsible manner.

John Cabot University

This University too provides financial aid for students to achieve their goal and it is an American University that lies in the heart of Rome city. It offers Bachelor degree in 13 major subjects.

University of Catania

This public institution provides stimulating environment to international Students and an excellent educational experience. The learning program involves the exchange of cultural experiences and this is mainly done to ease the student’s integration into the cultural and academic life of this university. 

Scholarships are given to students across the globe in all disciplines that are a great boon for them to pursue a better education in Italy. It is the best place that provides opportunities for study, apprenticeship and work. This welcoming and beautiful country is known to have the finest institutes that provide higher education and that is the main reason international students love to learn this language and take up higher studies here.

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