University of Leeds MOOC On Learning & Collaborating Online

This session University of Leeds will be offering an open online version of course, ‘Learning Online: Learning and Collaborating.’ This course serves to become an effective online learner and develop your online communication skills when working with others.

This free online course is aimed at prospective undergraduate students both in the UK and internationally. The 2-weeks course starts on December 7, 2015.

Course At A Glance

Length: 2 weeks
Effort:  2 hours pw
Subject: Learning Online : Learning and Collaborating
Institution: University of Leeds and FutureLearn
Languages: English
Price:  Free
Certificate Available: Yes
Session: Starts on December 7, 2015.

Providers’ Details

As one of the UK’s largest research-based universities, the University of Leeds is a member of the prestigious Russell Group and a centre of excellence for teaching. The aim is to create a student experience that is second to none and as part of this, online learning is increasingly important, even to its full-time campus-based students. The MOOCs will allow the University to explore new and different ways to provide online education.

FutureLearn offers a diverse selection of courses from leading universities and cultural institutions from around the world. These are delivered one step at a time, and are accessible on mobile, tablet and desktop, so you can fit learning around your life.

About This Course

This course is just one of a series about ‘learning online’. You can sign up to the other courses in this series through the Going to University collection.

You are probably used to learning online on a daily basis, including turning to your phone for information rather than referring to books. More formal online learning is likely to be important for you in the future, either at university or in the workplace. Learning online is different to learning in the classroom, it needs different skills. This course will help you to develop those skills, showing you how to learn and communicate effectively in an online environment.

This course is part of a collection from the University of Leeds which have been specifically designed for those studying at school or college. All of the courses will help to enrich and extend your knowledge in a specific topic and develop your transferable skills. These courses will help you with making decisions about which subject to study at university and will give you examples and evidence when developing your university application.

Throughout the course you will join a community of online learners, providing an opportunity for interactive learning with other students both in the UK and internationally.

Why Take This Course?

The course is very useful to all students. It is aimed at prospective Undergraduate students both in the UK and internationallyThe course can be used as a wider classroom or enrichment resource or can be used independently by students to discover more about the subject area.

Learning Outcomes

Each course is designed to complement your existing studies and aims to:
-provide evidence for UCAS applications and prepare you for university
-help you to gain new skills, think critically and learn independently
-encourage online / social learning
-develop collaboration and analytical skills
-embed current research into your online learning


-Neil Morris (Educator)
Director of Digital Learning and Professor of Educational Technology at the University of Leeds

-Carol Elston (Educator)
Digital Learning Manager at the University of Leeds.


No previous knowledge or experience of learning online is required, just an interest in becoming an effective online learner and communicator.

How To Join This Course

  • Go to the course website link.
  • Sign Up At FutureLearn
  • Select a course and Join
  • Once a course has started, you will be able to access the course material
  • After the start date, you will be able to access the course by following the Go To Course link on your My Courses page.
  • Applicants can buy, to show that you’ve completed a FutureLearn course.
  • On some FutureLearn courses, learners will be able to pay to take an exam to qualify for a Statement of Attainment. (These are university-branded, printed certificates that provide proof of learning on the course topic(s)).

Detailed Information

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