University Of South Carolina Scholarships

University Of South Carolina Scholarships: Enjoy Access To The Scholarships In South Carolina

Higher studies in good colleges cost a lot of money but they are well worth the experience and the promise of a bright future. In South Carolina university, students with an undergraduate degree tend to earn a great deal more than residents with simple high school diplomas in the job section.

Therefore, it is necessary for every student in South Carolina to aspire to higher education. Most of them, however, are concerned about the long list of expenses which includes housing, tuition fees, books and other supplies.


Thankfully, there are plenty of scholarships in South Carolina which ease the whole process and give the students a chance to carve out a successful career. There are different categories of financial aid available to the students and so they do not have to concern themselves with out-of-pocket expenses.

University Of South Carolina Scholarships And Grants For Students


General University Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded to incoming freshmen and do not need to be repaid. Students who wish to be considered for these scholarships are requested to apply for admissions early in the senior year and follow the instructions from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Every student is eligible for only one General University Scholarship with the exception of the Lieber Scholars Award. The last date for submission of applications is November 15.

Students from the state of South Carolina are eligible for:

Stamps Carolina Scholar Benefits
Apart from a monetary award of $10,000 every year and a laptop of the student’s choice, the Stamps Carolina Scholar benefits include an extra $8,000 for the enrichment of opportunities during the undergraduate tenure. The funds are provided on a case-by-case basis and the student can use the funds for study abroad, undergraduate research, internships, service projects or trips. The recipients of the Award also benefit from first-choice parking and first year scholar mentor and scholar buddy, speaking opportunities, first year scholars program, holistic advising and drop-in hours and national fellowships advisement.

Carolina Scholar Benefits
The Award entails $10,000 in cash every year, a PC laptop or Mac of the student’s choice, first-choice parking, first year scholar buddy and scholar mentor, first year scholar programs, speaking opportunities, national fellowships advisement, holistic advising and drop-in hours.

Hamilton Scholar Benefits
The Hamilton Scholar benefits include $7,000 in cash every year, a Mac or PC laptop for the student, first-choice parking, scholar buddy, first year scholar program, and invitations to special events, national fellowships advisement, speaking opportunities, holistic advising and drop-in hours.

Out-of-state students may apply for:

McNair Scholar Benefits
This award comes with a monetary award, the four-year value of which exceeds $130,800. It also includes first-choice parking, a Mac or PC laptop, first year scholars program, first year scholar mentor and scholar buddy, invitations to special events, speaking opportunities, national fellowships advisement, holistic advising and drop-in hours.
Horseshoe Scholar Benefits
The four-year value of this award crosses $114,800 and comes with first-choice parking, a Mac or PC laptop, first year scholars program, scholar buddy, invitations to special events, speaking opportunities, national fellowships advisement, holistic advising and drop-in hours.

Departmental Scholarships
Different scholarships are awarded to the students of USC Columbia through schools, colleges and departments. They are awarded to continuing students who have demonstrated excellence in meeting the eligibility criteria for their scholarship while enrolled at USC. However, departmental scholarships may also be awarded to prospective students as an incentive to get them to join their academic department or be involved in some initiative or activity for which they have responsibility.

Some of the most prominent departments at USC that offer scholarships in South Carolina to the students include:

-Administrative Employees Club
-Alumni Association
-College of Arts and Sciences
-College of Education
-College of Engineering and Computing
-College of Hospitality, Retail and Sports Management
-College of Mass Communication and Information Studies
-College of Nursing
-College of Pharmacy
-College of Social Work
-Division of Student Affairs
-Institutional Planning
-Institute for Families in Society
-Institute for Public Service and Policy Research
-Moore School of Business
-Office of the Board of Trustees
-Regional Campuses and Continuing Education
-School of Law
-School of Medicine
-School of Music
-S.C. Honors College

South Carolina State Scholarships

USC Students are eligible for three different scholarships from the state of South Carolina. The most reputed among these happens to be the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship, the LIFE Scholarship, and the HOPE Scholarship. Every student may receive funding for only one of these programs in any academic year.

Non-Institutional Scholarships

USC recognizes non-institutional scholarships as any funding directly awarded to a student by non-USC affiliates, organizations, businesses, individuals or groups. They are based on numerous criteria, including but not limited to academic merit, community service, economic need, area of study, and place of residence, organizational affiliation, and employment, religious or ethnic background.

A few of the most prestigious non-institutional scholarships include:

American Association on Health & Disability (AAHD) Scholarship Program
American Indian College Fund
Archibald Rutledge Scholarship
Gates Millennium Scholars
Giva Scholarships
Hispanic College Fund
James F. Byrnes Scholars Scholarship
The J. E. Sirrine Scholarship Program
United Negro College Fund
USA Funds Access to Education Scholarship
Watson-Brown Foundation


Grants for students pursuing higher educations are offered by state and federal governments, the University, and some private donors. These grants do not need to be repaid as long as the student meets the conditions designated as awarding criteria. Grants are usually based on economic need which will usually be documented through the filing of the FAFSA application.

The major grant opportunities available to help support the education of USC students include:

Federal Pell Grant
Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant
Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant
State Need-Based Grant
Gamecock Guarantee
Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students

Student Employment

Many USC students fund a portion of their educational expenses by working while going to the school. Several part-time jobs – both on and off campus – are supported via the federal economic aid program called Federal Work-Study (FWS). When the student completes the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), they can indicate whether or not they wish to receive a part of their economic aid in the form of work-study funds.


Several educational loan options are available to the USC students and their parents in order to meet education related expenses. These loan programs happen to be funded by the state of South Carolina, the federal government, and lenders of private educational loans.

A few of the most common educational loan options available to USC students are:

Federal Direct Loan
Federal Direct PLUS Loans
Federal Perkins Loan
Private Student Loans
South Carolina Teacher’s Loan Program
Nursing Student Loans
Health Professions Student Loans

Students at USC have lots of easy economic options available in order to complete their higher studies and with numerous scholarships; they can continue their education without any hassles.


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