University of Twente Online Course On Ultrasound Imaging

University of Twente anf Future Learn are offering online course to understand the technology of ultrasound. Improvements and new possibilities in ultrasound imaging can improve diagnostics but it can only be correctly performed when users have a profound knowledge of the underlying technology. So this MOOC make applicants understand ultrasound imaging from medical perspective, technical perspective and technical medical perspective. This course is aimed at everyone interested in ultrasound imaging, its technological background, and its application in clinical practice. The course will start from October 5, 2015.

Course Details In Brief

Level: Introductory
Length: 3 weeks
Effort: 3 hours pw
Subject: Ultrasound Imaging

Institution: University of Twente and Future Learn
Languages: English
Price: Free
Certificate Available: Yes
Session: Starts October 5, 2015.

Why Choose University of Twente MOOC?

This is a free online course it can be accessed free of charge. Applicants not having previous experience or studying any subject can apply for this course. Applicants can get a personalized, printed certificate. Participants with the expected starting level will need about 3 hours per week for the course. If you have already more knowledge or experience about the technical aspects or medical use of ultrasound imaging, you may need less time to complete the course. This free online course is based on three major perspectives: medical perspective, technical perspective and technical medical perspective.

Course Introduction

Ultrasound is an easy and quick technique to visualize structures inside the human body. It is a relatively harmless and accessible technique. It has been used for decades in medical practice. With current technology developments, new possibilities in ultrasound imaging are arising that may improve diagnostics. However, ultrasound can only be correctly performed, or its clinical performance can only be improved when users have a profound knowledge of the underlying technology. Medical students and professionals working with ultrasound might find this course useful as well. Participants are expected to have pre-university level in mathematics and physics.In this course you will investigate ultrasound imaging in-depth and explore the different possibilities from an ultrasound device. However, it is not necessary to have an ultrasound device available.

You Will Learn

After this course you will have a good understanding of the technology of ultrasound imaging, and you can apply this knowledge in examples of ultrasound use in the clinic.

For detailed information go through Future Learn.