Boston University Online Course on Art of Poetry

Boston University’s MOOC on Art of Poetry bring unique experience to students around the globe through a process of online learning unequaled anywhere.

In this free online course, you’ll learn about about the pleasures of poetry, with plenty of specific examples. The course starts on March 29, 2016. The course duration is of 6 weeks.

Course At A Glance

Length: 6 weeks course
Effort:  6-8 hours total
Subject: Art of Poetry
Institution: Boston University & edX.
Languages: English
Price:  Free
Certificate Available: Yes. Verified Certificate for $ 49
Session: Starts March 29, 2016 (Students can enroll now).

Providers Details

This university is offering the course via renowned online platform edX. As one of the world’s leading research universities, Boston University is currently engaged in more than 340 separate research, service, and educational programs and projects.

edX offers amazing quality classes by the best professors from the best schools.  edX mission is to increase access to high-quality education for everyone, everywhere.

About This Course 

This course will provide the pleasure of actually saying a poem, or even saying it in your imagination—your mind’s ear—is essential. Language of the course is English.

Poetry is a influential instructional means, and it is an significant art to study at any age. Poetry is a way to be aware of how language and symbol systems work. It is a commendable expression of emotion, or deep feelings, and aesthetics, or a sense of what is beautiful about the world. The course is demanding, and based on a certain kind of intense reading, requiring prolonged, thorough— in fact, repeated—attention to specific poems.

 Why Take This Course

Applicants will be offered this free online course in the English language. Today, BU is the fourth-largest private university in the country and a member of the American Association of Universities, a nonprofit association of 62 of North America’s leading research-intensive institutions.

Video Transcripts are also available in English. Applicants will get a verified certificate to highlight the knowledge and skills they gain.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, students will learn:
-How to think about, read, listen to, and engage with poems
-Historical and contemporary poems through topics like form, poetry and music, parody, and difficulty
-The means to inspire your own lifelong study of poetry


– Robert Pinsky
William Fairfield Warren Distinguished Professor of English and Creative Writing at Boston University

-Duy Doan
Director of the Favorite Poem Project. A Kundiman fellow and Kundiman Northeast Co-chair.

-Laura Marris
Writer and translator.

-Calvin Olsen
Holds an MFA from Boston University, where he received a Robert Pinsky Global Fellowship.

-Tomas Unger
MFA in Poetry from Boston University.


No prerequisites

How To Join This Course

1.Go to the course website link
2.Create an edX account to SignUp
3.Choose “Register Now” to get started.
4.EdX offers honor code certificates of achievement, verified certificates of achievement, and XSeries certificates of achievement. Currently, verified certificates are only available in some courses.
5.Once you sign up for a course and activate your account, click on the Log In button on the home page and type in your email address and edX password. This will take you to your dashboard, with access to each of your active courses. (Before a course begins, it will be listed on your dashboard but will not yet have a “view course” option.)

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