USA College Loans: What you need to know

The cost of college education is increasing every year. Lack of information about student loans can be devastating and therefore it is becoming very important for students and parents to discuss seriously about student loans.

If you are considering student loans then you must understand how much the total cost of those loans might be including interest and other finance charges, student loan forgiveness, student loan consolidation, and project how long it will take them to pay the loan off after graduation.

Recently CBS News published a great video about student loans. They talk about type of student loans and other options are available for students and parents. Please find the video below and we hop you’ll find it useful.

They also answered questions about types of college loans like which one is suitable for students or parents ie. Federal Stafford and Federal Perkins loans, parent loans (PLUS loans), and private student loans.

Wishing you success in searching for funding for college.

Indu Dager
International Student Adviser

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