Weston High School Free Online Course on Ramp to AP* Biology

Weston High School is offering free online course on Ramp to AP* Biology. This course will help students who have taken an introductory level biology course get ready for more advanced courses, including AP Biology.

This short course will briefly review basic concepts covered in AP Biology, and will include advanced challenge questions. This course will start on June 30, 2017.

Course At A Glance 

Length: 2 weeks
Effort: 5-8 hours pw
Subject: Biology & Life Sciences
Institution: Weston High School and edx
Languages: English
Price: Free
Certificate Available: Yes, Add a Verified Certificate for $50
Session: Course Starts on June 30, 2017

Providers’ Details

Weston High School offers its students a comprehensive and diversified program.  Academic courses range from basic to advanced levels.  Honors courses are offered in mathematics, world history, foreign languages, and science, while specific Advanced Placement subjects include art, biology, calculus, computer science, English, French, Spanish, European and U.S. History, and physics.

About This Course

EdX keeps courses open for enrollment after they end to allow learners to explore content and continue learning. All features and materials may not be available, and course content will not be updated. Check back often to see when new course start dates are announced.

Why Take This Course?

This short course will briefly review basic concepts covered in AP Biology, and will include advanced challenge questions. Starting with a review of genetics and related content, the course will prepare you to tackle Investigation 2 and 3 of the AP Biology curriculum.

Learning Outcomes

  • How to create a mathematical model in Excel or Google Sheets
  • Population modeling basics
  • How to use NCBI’s BLAST
  • How to make a clad gram
  • Basic concepts covered in AP Biology courses
  • Basics of experimental design and data analysis


Mary Liu

Mary has been a Weston High School teacher for over 5 years. She enjoys teaching a range of biology classes including Anatomy and Physiology, and DNA science. She has an A.B. in Biology from Harvard College and an Ed.M in Learning and Teaching from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.


  • Background in intro-/high school-level biology concepts
  • Interest in learning more about biology

How To Join This Course

  • Go to the course website link
  • Create an edX account to SignUp
  • Choose “Register Now” to get started.
  • EdX offers honor code certificates of achievement, verified certificates of achievement, and XSeries certificates of achievement. Currently, verified certificates are only available in some courses.
  • Once applicant sign up for a course and activate their account, click on the Log In button on the edx.org
  • homepage and type in their email address and edX password. This will take them to the dashboard, with access to each of their active courses. (Before a course begins, it will be listed on their dashboard but will not yet have a “view course” option.)

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