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European Union Delegation 10th Photography Competition for Amateur Photographers in Egypt, 2018

The European Union Delegation to Egypt presents its 10th Photography Competition under the theme of “Favourite Destinations in Egypt”

OBJECTIVE: The European Union (EU) Delegation to Egypt is organizing its 10th Photography Competition in Egypt in order to promote and stimulate interest and creativity in photography among amateur photographers in Egypt, and to provide an opportunity for disseminating and exhibiting their work.

CONTEXT: Egypt is a beautiful country with many destinations and variety of activities. Some of them are widely known and others are less. Under this theme, amateur photographers are invited to capture photos of their favorite destinations in Egypt; be it touristic or not, in big cities or in rural areas.

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WHAT: The theme of the 10th Photography Competition is: “Favourite Destinations in Egypt”. The EU Delegation to Egypt believes that the country has many beautiful and inspiring destinations. These destinations can be popular touristic places, but also destinations that the photographer relates to in his/her life. The Delegation of the European Union to Egypt calls on amateur photographers to capture scenes, places, sites or destinations in artistic and creative way. The contest aims to explore this subject in all its aspects in an attempt to obtain a unique image of Egypt by portraying many of its places in a distinctive and different way.

  • Images will be judged on originality, technical excellence, composition, overall impact and artistic merit as well as the personal vision on the theme of “Favourite Destinations in Egypt” that the photographer conveys.
  • Each contestant participates by sending three images. The jury will consider and value the quality and consistency of the work presented.
  • Previously published material or images previously awarded in other competitions will not be accepted.


  • Photography Competition is open to all amateur photographers living in Egypt who do not receive a major part of their income from photography.
  • Participants must be at least 18 years of age.
  • oyees of the EU Delegation to Egypt, members of the jury, and their immediate families are not allowed to participate in the Competition.


  • Prizes will be awarded for the three best images.
  • Top 30 selected photos will also be exhibited in Cairo during the month of December 2017.
  • Each of the 30 entrants will receive a certificate on that occasion.
  • Out of the 30 selected photos, 12 images will be chosen to be included in the 2018 calendar of the EU Delegation to Egypt.


  • Photographic entries to this Competition can be delivered by hand or posted by mail. In both cases, the deadline for a reception at the EU Delegation to Egypt is Thursday, November 2, 2017. No entry arriving after the deadline will be accepted.
  • Selected photos and winners will be notified by e-mail.

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