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HavardX School Online Course: Innovating in Health Care

In its diverse collection of courses, Havard School has added another online course i.e. “Innovating in Health Care” in collaboration with edX. This course will help the candidates to deal with the health care quality problems and its access. The costs of health care quality beset all countries.

The focal point of the course is to generate successful global business innovations in health care that can better meet the needs of consumer and society. This course emphasizes on estimating and crafting business models that accomplish configuration between the health care venture of entrepreneur and the six aspects that significantly shape new health care ventures – Public Policy, Financing, Consumers, Technology, Structure and Accountability. The factors that affect business models for three different kinds of innovations are consumer-focused, technology-driven and integrations which create scale confer great impact on Health Care Businesses. At the end, participants will understand how to estimate prospects and the essentials of practicable business models for three diverse varieties of health care innovations.

With the help of this course participants will be able to learn the following points:
1-How to distinguish successful innovations from those likely to fail
2-How to determine if an innovation is aligned with its environment
3-Which elements make up a viable competitive strategy for an innovative health care venture
4-How other elements combine to create a feasible business model for an innovative health care venture
5-How to create a business plan

This course will be available in two layouts i.e. an open, online experience and a more limited, team-based experience where teams can create concrete business plan. Before the commencement of this course the participants can discover the fun, interactive knowledge environment and implicit labs.

Candidates will be given a financial accounting walk-through and a test in the first week. If candidates are not feeling comfortable with the material after reviewing it and taking the test, it is suggested that candidates should not continue with the course. Candidates may apply for the small private course (100 teams will be admitted), participants will work in teams of not more than 6 people carrying a health care business idea. Teams can be prepared of people already known to the participants or people they meet within their networking group.

Duration of Course

The session will start in early 2014 for the duration of 10 weeks and require about 6-12 hours per week (depending on whether you are enrolled in the large, open course or the application only small, private course) for studying.

About the Instructor

Regina E. Herzlinger

She is the primary instructor for Innovating Health Care and was the first woman to be tenured and chaired at Harvard Business School. She is extensively familiar for her innovative research in health care, including her early prediction of the unraveling of managed care and the rise of consumer-driven health care, a term that she coined.

Margo I. Seltzer

She is a Herchel Smith Professor of Computer Science in the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. She is also the author of quite a few widely-used software packages including database and transaction libraries and the 4.4BSD log-structured file system.

Kevin Schulman

Brainlab case will be taught by him. In 2013 he served as a visiting professor of business administration at Harvard Business School. He is a professor of medicine and the Gregory Mario and Jeremy Mario Professor of Business Administration at Duke University.