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SEES Summer Intern Program for High School Students in USA, 2019

The Summer Intern Program is a nationally competitive STEM program for high school students. The program provides selected students with exposure to Earth and space research. Interns will learn how to interpret NASA satellite data while working with scientists and engineers in their chosen area of work.

The SEES program is funded by NASA and managed by the Texas Space Grant Consortium with the University of Texas at Austin Center for Space Research at Austin Center for Space Research.

The SEES internship is held at the University of Texas at Austin. Students are housed on the main campus and bussed daily to the UT Center for Space Research at the north engineering campus.

Field of Internship: Internship is available for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math field of students.
Course Level: Internship
Internship Provider:
NASA and University of Texas at Austin Center for Space Research
Internship can be taken in
the U.S.


To be eligible, applicants must:

  • Open to current high school Sophomores or Juniors only (will be rising Juniors and Seniors) who have not worked as a UT/CSR intern previously.
  • Must be 16 by July 13, 2019.
  • Have a strong interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.
  • Ability to complete on-line requirements prior to the on-site intern program.
  • Must be US citizen.
  • SEES interns are sorted into project groups when selected for the program. Before arrival in Austin, each intern must complete 30 hours of background information about NASA Earth and Space Science and 30 hours of project group work remotely under the guidance of a CSR/NASA mentor.

Internship Open for International Students: No

Is this paid internship? This is a paid internship programme.

  • SEES provides three meals per day and some snacks. Housing, meals, and local transportation will be provided for those selected.
  • A limited number of travel scholarships to Texas are available.
  • The only costs are for your transportation to/from Austin and any incidentals. SEES provides transportation to/from the airport and dorm, dorm costs, meals, and activities.
  • The summer intern program will allow interns to view and investigate NASA remote sensing data including CSR analysis of ice sheets, Earth’s gravity field, and other satellite observations while being mentored by project scientists.

Internship Description:

NASA is funding the summer internships to motivated high school students who have an interest in pursuing Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics careers. The interns will work beside CSR scientists analyzing and visualizing data. This content knowledge, coupled with hands-on experiences, allows the intern to gain experience in authentic NASA research through field investigation and data analysis.

Scientists and Engineers at UT/CSR are conducting NASA supported research on astronomy, remote sensing, and space geodetic techniques to help understand Earth systems, natural hazards and climate science. This summer TSGC and UT/CSR will support a summer intern program where interns will work remotely prior to their on-site internship July 13-27, 2019.

Internship Duration: Interns will work remotely prior to their on-site internship July 13-27, 2019.

Notification: All interns will be notified by April 20 of their selection into the SEES Internship program.

How to Apply:

To apply, you will need to provide the following information: http://www.tsgc.utexas.edu/sees-internship/how-to-apply.html

Essay: The application includes essay questions which you must answer as part of the application. You may wish to answer the questions or a separate document and then cut and paste your answers into the online application. Your essay question response should not exceed 250 words. Describe yourself and discuss each of the following as part of your essay. You are not limited to these areas.

  • Important academic or life experiences in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math)
  • Extracurricular activities that have influenced you in a positive way (include skills you deem valuable for an academic team research setting)
  • Your current academic path and career plans
  • How your experience in this program will impact your plans for the future
  • Share your prior experience in STEM opportunities.
  • How did you hear about the SEES Internship Program?
  • The subjects that most interest me are:
  • Which of the following does your school offer? Science AP classes, Computer Science coding. What language(s), IB, Dual credit
  • My participation in SEES depends on my receiving a travel scholarship. YES or NO

Letter of Recommendation: You must include the name and email address of a teacher, counselor, or principal who will submit your Letter of Recommendation in the online application. Due date for letter of recommendation is March 7, 2019.

Submit a Video: Prepare a short introduction video telling us who you are, where you are from, and why you are interested in becoming a NASA high school intern. When submitting a video, remember that you are submitting a link (URL) to your video (such as on YouTube.com, youku.com, tudou.com, some other video hosting site, or your own website), not the video itself.

Note: Interns are selected on the basis of their academic records, written application that includes written essay questions, introduction video, letter of recommendation and interest in STEM.

Internship Application Deadline:

The deadline for submitting your application for the summer 2019 internship program is March 1, 2019.

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