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There are many great online courses available on the web. Many prestigious colleges and universities such as Harvard, Yale and Oxford, all offer great online courses. Many of those courses have the advantage of live professors who can provide the student with interactive learning. The advantages of interactive learning gives the student the ability to ask questions and interact with other students who are having the issues with the learning process. There are studies that suggest that live online courses speeds the learning process and also promotes higher understanding of each study.

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Things to consider when selecting Live Course studies are:

– Cost (obviously this one that affects every student but should be considered heavily because too many students look at the individual course cost and don’t consider it in the total course load. Meaning that each student should look at the overall cost to get your degree before agreeing to an a la carte course load.)
– Accredited Course (Is the course useful towards your degree)
– Accredited organization (Does this come from a reliable source or reputable schools such as Harvard, Columbia or Phoenix.)
– Reviews (Can you find other student recommendations on the course? It can be a great course and something that is affordable and from reputable school but, if the teacher can’t teach or you can’t understand the professor there is no reason to pursue.)