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Master’s Position University of Akron in Evolutionary Biology

Support for Master’s research in evolutionary biology

The Biology Master’s Program at the University of Akron invites
applications for Spring 2007 and Fall 2008. Full support through
teaching assistantships is available. Applications and further
information are available at http://www.uakron.edu/biology/.

The University of Akron is a state university located in the heart of
Akron, Ohio, next to the scenic Cuyahoga Valley National Park (CVNP).
The Biology Department is composed of 21 full-time faculty members,
approximately 35 Master’s students, 6 PhD students, and 700
undergraduates. It emphasizes collaborative and integrative research,
including a new PhD program in Integrated Bioscience. Facilities include
a live animal research center, 400 acre field station, and greenhouse.
Our graduate students have been successful in finding employment in
their specialties, including work as professors, consultants, field
technicians, government agencies (e.g., EPA, department of natural
resources), park naturalists, and many others.

The Department has a strong program in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.
Areas of interest for graduate research include: pollination biology,
conservation biology, physiological ecology, life history evolution,
mating systems, aquatic ecology, evolution in developmental processes,
behavioral evolution, spider biology, and evolutionary biomechanics.

Quality of life is high for students. There are abundant natural
amenities, including nearby metroparks and the CVNP, and ready access to
many diverse cultural events in Akron and nearby Cleveland, including
sports, several symphony orchestras, excellent museums, and the Blossom
outdoor auditorium.

Todd A. Blackledge
Assistant Professor
Department of Biology
University of Akron
Akron, OH  44325-3908

Voice:  (330) 972-7264
Fax:  (330) 972-8445
Email: [email protected]