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Online Course on American Capitalism : A History

EdX is an online education platform for international students to study beyond boundaries. In the continuation of its online courses, edX is coming up with a new online course “American Capitalism : A History” in collaboration with Cornell university.

Possibly there will be no essential story which can rightly define the history of capitalism. Mostly, all the promoting progress theories begin from how we analyse the economic changes of last 500 years. The crises of past decades make us remind, how much capitalism changes, even at its crucial features i.e. wage labor, financial markets, private property and entrepreneurs. Capitalism is a globally renowned term in the world’s history; the United States plays an exceptional role in this story.

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In this course students will get an opportunity to gain knowledge and understand how US became the world’s leading fiscal authority. This course will also help students in acquiring enlighten information of essential lessons about what has been and what will be possible in on-going revolution of capitalism.

Duration of Course

The session will start from 17th March 2014 for the duration of 8 weeks. The course will demand 4 hours/week for study.


Familiar Knowledge of US history will be helpful for studying this course.

Course Syllabus


Introduction: Considering Capitalism Historically

Capitalism Comes to America: 1492–1787

Making Capitalism American: 1787–1877

Making American Capitalism Corporate: 1877–1945

Making American Capitalism Global: 1945–2008

Conclusion: Assessing Capitalism Historically

About the Instructor

Edward E. Baptist

He is an Associate Professor in the History Department at Cornell University. He teaches a wide range of courses on U.S. political history, the history of slavery and the history of American capitalism. Edward E. Baptist has studied at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service and acquired his PhD degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1997.

Louis Hyman

He is an assistant professor in the Department of Labor Relations, Law and History at Cornell University. His focal point of research is history of capitalism in the United States. He has completed his BA in history and mathematics at Columbia University and acquired his PhD in American history in 2007 from Harvard University.

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