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PhD Opportunity in New Zealand

PhD Opportunity in New Zealand: Applications deadline 31 July 2009.

Genetics of Nematode Resistance in White Clover AgResearch Grasslands & Massey University Palmerston North, New Zealand Ref: AGR950 This fully funded PhD studentship offers you the opportunity to launch your career in plant genetics and pathology at an internationally recognised centre for applied plant and pastoral science research. Parasitic nematodes, including the widespread genus Meloidogyne, provide a dynamic plant-pathogen interaction for fundamental and applied research of substantial relevance for food security and agricultural economies. Meloidogyne trifoliophila constrains the legume component of pasture in New Zealand, decreasing productivity and sustainability by lowering feed quality and the capacity to fix atmospheric nitrogen. The project builds on a strong research base including a well-characterised plant-pathogen interaction, and established gene mapping resources. AgResearch is an independent Crown-owned research and development company with campuses across New Zealand. This role will be primarily based at our Grasslands campus in Palmerston North with easy access to a gym, swimming pool, in a beautiful rural setting – even a staff vegetable garden – it’s just a taste of what you’ll enjoy here. The campus is within three hour’s drive of forests, beaches, ski fields, vineyards and the capital city of Wellington. Adjacent to AgResearch is Massey University, one of New Zealand’s largest with almost 35,000 students. Massey has a core competency in pastoral agriculture. Their Institute of Molecular BioSciences, part of the College of Sciences has a strong publishing record from their plant biologists. New Zealand leads the world in many social and economic standards and is an acknowledged innovator in sustainable pastoral agriculture. Your work will be in the wider context of the legume genomics and plant breeding teams at AgResearch, a world-leading site for pastoral research and development. You’ll investigate white clover with quantitative resistance to nematodes using association and linkage-based genetics to define the genetic bases of the resistance mechanism. The primary focus will be complemented by studies of pathotype diversity and characterisation of the effect of genetic background on resistance expression. You’ll demonstrate enthusiasm and motivation to join our team. We offer a supportive, stimulating environment where the focus is on success in plant breeding, underpinned by basic science excellence. The successful applicant will receive a three year PhD stipend of NZ$25,000 per annum plus tuition fees and research expenses. Enquires are welcomed from students whose academic performance qualifies them for admission into PhD study. To be eligible you must qualify for a New Zealand Work Visa. Applications will be considered until the position is filled. While there’s so much here to benefit your career, you’ll also discover that at our Grasslands campus, there’s even more for you to look forward to. Beautiful rural setting – even a staff vegetable garden – it’s just a taste of what you’ll enjoy here.

For more information please call Marti Robinson on +64 6 351 8055 or to apply visit our career site www.agresearch.co.nz/careers Applications close 31 July 2009.

Project Contacts: Chris Mercer // nematology [email protected] Brent Barrett // white clover breeding and genetics [email protected] Vaughan Symonds // plant quantitative genetics [email protected]

Homepage : Careers at AgResearch

Contact address : http://www.agresearch.co.nz/careers


  1. mohamed says:

    i had adiploma degree in mechanical engineer ihope to complete my study to phd or master degree ,my finanace postion is so bad i look forward to have apostion in asholarhip programme please guide me to the way i had to go for

  2. Restie G. Magpantay,MD says:

    I am a doctor of medicine,presently connected in Department of Health, Phil. Graduating in Master of Public Administration this school year. Im looking forward to have an scholarship for my Phd in Public Administration..

    Thank you very much..

  3. Thecla Mendile says:

    I thecla mendile from Tanzania with BA in Mass Communication and MA in Rural Development.am looking for PHD studies in Gender studies or Development studies in your country.
    Hope my apllication will be considered

  4. Hashim Shuaib says:

    with humble respect i, ll, like to use this momentous opportunity , to request scholarship for master degree , in regards to this , i graduate at Faculty of Education Department of History AL-azhar university Cairo , due to this i,m speak three languages as following : English , Arabic, Hausa . my nationality is Nigeria.

    Eventually , i would be glad for getting your assistance for continue my study as soon as possible. thanks so much for your usual cooperation .

    yours : Hashim Shuaib
    phone :+2348032535809 / +20129446952

  5. khalid abdalhafeez says:

    Hello i am seek of master in biochemistry in canada universities
    I wait you to send me in soon chance now i work in Sudan Atomic Eneryg Commmission In Nuclear application on Biological Sciences Department
    thanks for all

  6. hossain says:

    dear sir,glad to know about this scholarship,.im a veterinarian looking for dynamic field of work like this one.i’ve passed a good deal of genetics in my academic career as well as on nematology.
    so i wanna join in yr renowned team as keenly seeking for such a reputed woking site.
    please let me update about scholarship and oblige me thereby.
    i thank you sir.

  7. Abdur Rehman says:

    Dear Sir

    My name is Abdur Rehman. I belongs to Pakistan, and I am 27 years old. I did my M.sc(Hons) in Agricultural Economics from NWFP Agricultural University Peshawar Pakistan in 2006. And recently working in Micro Finance Bank. for further studies in Phd i need your guidance and financial assistance.


    Abdur Rehman

  8. Robert Okumah says:

    Barely a week after applying to receive scholarship positions from your website, my mail box is “stuffed” with first hand information on relevant scholarship opportunities. Thank you so very much for your high level of efficiency. It is my hope that I some day soon I will be writing to announce my reception of a full scholarship award to do my PhD research in Canada, Australia or New Zealand. Please keep sendind these much needed pieces of information. Thank you oncemore.
    Warm regards.
    Robert Okumah writing from Zambia

  9. Robert Okumah says:

    Hi, Barely a week after applying to receive scholarship positions from your website, my mail box is “stuffed” with relevant first hand information on the subject. Thank you so very much for the high level of efficiency you have demonstrated. It is my hope that one day soon, I will be writing to announce the receipt of a full scholarship to do my PhD Research with a renowned Institution in Canada, Australia or New Zealand.
    Please keep sending the adverts.
    Warm regards.
    Robert Okumah, a Ghanaian resident in Zambia

  10. I am aged 29 years old,with a bachelor of scince degree in Chemistry.I am to graduate my MSc in Analytical Chemistry in the next three months. I kindly request you to link me with PhD scholarship opportunity with stipent. I will be glad for any assistsnce.

  11. Peter Keliona Wani Likun says:

    Iam sudanese by birth working as a lecturer for Juba university in the college of engineering , mechanical department.
    I am interested to persue my Phd in oil & gas: more precisely :in FLOW ASSURANCE.
    we have alot of oil in my country but no experts. I am going to be a leader in this field if happen to get chance.

  12. Peter Keliona Wani Likun says:

    Iam sudanese by birth working as a lecturer for Juba university in the college of engineering , mechanical department. I am interested to persue my Phd in the field of oil & gas: more precisely :in FLOW ASSURANCE. we have alot of oil in my country but no experts. I am going to be a leader in this field if happen to get chance. I am 30 years old.

    Read more: https://scholarship-positions.com/2009-scholarship-programme-for-african-students-uk-and-south-africa/2009/06/15/comment-page-3/#comment-109899#ixzz0TqBQEQSI&C

  13. Khalid says:

    I am a Sudanese veterinary researcher, working on tick-borne diseases. I am due to get a PhD degree on theileriosis transmission. I am much interested to go further on the line. I hope I can find an opportunity to join a post doc. programme. I have a good capacity to work friendly with any group.

  14. Abdu Mohamed says:

    I want to work my PHD in influenza virus please respond if posible graduate from Addis Ababa university did my Msc thesis on surveillance of avian influenza virus in wild migratory birds in rift valley lakes of Ethiopia with very much interest to work in influenza virus future research, please dont lose me through ignorance.

    God bless you

    Dr Abdu mohamed

  15. Alademomi Alfred Sunday says:

    I have M.Sc. in Surveying & Geoinformatics from a Nigeria University. iam presently looking for a scholarship position for my Ph.D in any overseas university where there is hydrographic surveying specialisation, my research area is “empirical modeling of the lagoon sea-bed using time series or fourier series”. I will gladly appreciate if you can help in getting a scholarship aid.

    Thank you very much for your kind gesture.

  16. adji setijoprodjo says:

    i am adji from indonesia. i got master degree on HRD administration in indonesia. after spending more than 27 years at community development field, i would like to have master degree on social sciences in new zealand. does the nz university accept somebody who already more than 57 yrs old to go to study at your university?

  17. Thomas T. Mgendera Mhimbati says:

    I am requesting for a PhD scholarship for my research study on environment area. My title Is as follows:
    Iam planning to enrol to the progaramme as soon as I get the sponsorship

  18. P.T Jayasooriya says:

    Dear sur,
    I am 25 and graduated from University of Peradeniya.I am bechelor in Agricultural Technology and Management and want to continue my education up to PhD level.I need full fee scholarship.How I apply forthisposition.
    thank you

  19. Meditha Karunatillaka says:

    I have got two diplomas, One for Human Resources Management and One for Training & Development. I have also about to complete my MBA. I am looking for my further studies. I would like to commence a PhD in Human Resources. Specialize area of study can be either Leadership or Change Management. I am willing to Come to New Zeland and learn on part time basis.

    Please advice me indicating “How I can reach this mile stone.

    Best Regards

  20. Alemayehu Getachew says:

    I am Alemayehu from Ethiopia, Lecturer in the University of Hawassa, College of Agriculture. I studied B.Sc degree in Plant Production and dryland Farming and M.Sc degree in Plant Pathology from Indian Agricultural research institute from 2006- 2008. My research thesis was” Morphological and Molecular Identification of Aspergilus species” Currently I am looking for a PhD full scholarship to pursue my study on Plant pathogenic microorganism like parasitic nematodes at Molecular level. If you have any vacant position related to my interest please consider my request.
    Thank you!

  21. Sima says:

    i need to find a country in which i can get my phd in English Teaching. at the same time political sciences in the same city is needed for my husband. where shall i go?

  22. A.K.M. Khusrul Amin says:


    This is A.K.M. Khusrul Amin, Scientific Officer, Water resorces Planning Organization(WARPO), Ministry of Water Resources, Bangladesh. I have had my MS in Agronomy. Now I would like to pursue Doctoral programme in New Zealand. Would you please let me know the study fields in where I can perform my Doctoral Degree. I look forward to hear from you.

    With regards
    A.K.M. Khusrul Amin
    [email protected]

  23. Farzad Khoshakhlagh says:

    Dear Sir
    I am graduated in MS. degree of Plant Breeding – Agricultural Engineering from Razi university in Iran.My thesis title is “Chromosomal localization of the genes controlling phenotypic stability using disomic addition lines by AMMI Analyse and we evaluated Genotype×Environment interaction. I am interested to research in genetic or biometry. Do you accept me?

    Sincerely yours
    Farzad Khoshakhlagh

  24. salari says:

    hi dear
    my name is Nima Salari , i have master degree in business and informastion technology.whats procedure for me?

  25. Urs Ftcheris says:

    Dear Alemayehu Getachew
    We are very pleased to ivite you for our PhD position for the year 2010 in the department of plant pathology.

    contact us with our email as soon as possible
    with regards

  26. Masankho Chingoli says:

    My name is Masankho Chingoli (Mr) a holder of a Masters in Business Administration (2007) from University of Malawi, the Polytechnic, and a holder of Bachelors of Social Science Degree in Business Administration from Cyprus Institute of Marketing. I also hold a post graduate diploma awarded by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) UK.

    I have vast experience in the media industry in Malawi, having worked with major production houses since 1992. Immediately after successful completion of the MBA program in 2006, I set up an advertising firm, Business Advertising Agency, where I am the managing director. furthermore i have done part time lecturing in marketing and entreprenuership

    I would like to advance further to PHD, please assist me secure sponsorship in my related field.

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