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Stopping power of biological matter for carbon ions

Stopping power of biological matter for carbon ions

Job Description : Hadron radiation therapy using high-energetic carbon or other low-Z ions is one of the most promising modalities in cancer treatment today. Charged hadron beams allow to achieve good tumour conformity of delivered dose owing to the fact that energy is predominantly deposited in the so-called Bragg-peak region whose position in depth in the body can be adjusted by tuning the incident particle energy. Therapy treatment planning requires the knowledge of the stopping power, i.e. the energy-dependent cross section for energy deposition, of tissue for the particles used. To date, for lack of the relevant experimental data, theoretical approximations or data of materials like water ice or water vapour have to be used instead.

The aim of the proposed experiment is to measure stopping cross sections of biological matter using Doppler-velocimetry for gamma rays emitted in the decay of the first excited state of the carbon nucleus. By deconvolution of the gamma energy spectrum, the energy dependence of the stopping power would be obtained over the whole energy range from the initial kinetic energy to complete slow-down. The envisaged scheme for producing the excited nuclei by inelastic scattering of alpha particles should allow to carry out the measurements also for biological cells.

Please note that application is online possible online at www.igsm.tu-bs.de.

Deadline is 31 january 2010.
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