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Paul Kayser/RRF Global Award , USA

Pan-American Ophthalmological Foundation Retina Research Foundation is offering the Paul Kayser/RRF Global Award for the academic year 2021-20. Eligibility The applicant should be an MD or PhD with a focus of research in the visual sciences. 2. The applicant should be between 35 to 65 years of age. 3. The applicant should be an Active …

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WorldNomads.com:Travel Documentary Scholarship 2010,Australia

Kick start your documentary career by going on assignment into the Amazon with documentary producer Trent O’Donnell (who filmed our Positive Footprints series screened on Nat Geo Adventure Channel). You will take part in a special project with Gap Adventures, exploring the Amazonian jungle and homestaying with the indigenous Quichua community. Working alongside Trent O’Donnell as he …

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