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Tips for Writing a Cover Letter

We all know that resume is an essential part for any job search, but most of us do not pay much attention to another important aspect that is the ‘cover letter’. It is an important part of the job application and plays an equally significant role in creating a good first impression in front of the potential employer. It has been found that the recruiters often reject 80% of applications based on the cover letter alone.

Cover letter should be straight-to-the-point and should never be more than one page. Here are some points to keep in mind while writing a cover letter :

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Try to find the name of the person you are applying to. Writing “Dear recruiter” does not sound good. If you are not sure of the gender of the recruiter, then use their full name with salutation.

The first paragraph of the cover letter tells the employer the position you want to consider or the area you are enquiring about. It is a short paragraph of about two to three sentences and it should comprise of certain points like

-Mention the reason why you are writing and which position you are applying for.

-From where you got to know about the position, whether from an advertisement, -suggestion of a friend who works there, or your own interest in the company.

-Try to show from your research why you are interested in this position or organization but you need to tell this very carefully and briefly.

The second paragraph of the cover letter is usually the longest one where you need to tell “why you are qualified for a particular job”. You need to carefully craft the first sentence of this paragraph, it should be a hard-hitting opener as it gives the snapshot of your accomplishments. It must be oriented and directed at the skills and qualifications needed for the job/industry. Mention the key points / juicy highlights from your resume. Add relevant experiences and qualities you have and try to relate it with the position for which you are applying. Give some examples supporting it. If you find that the paragraph seems to be lengthy then you can switch to the next paragraph.

You need to make changes to this paragraph according to the job/employer for which/whom you are applying.

At the end of the cover letter you need to reiterate your interest in the job, request for considering for an interview and thank the recruiter for their time.

Always use a professional closing like “Yours Sincerely”. After your signature, write your contact information.

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Wishing you success!!!

Preeti Supyal


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