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University of Toronto & edX Free Online Course

Online Course on Library Advocacy Unshushed : Values, Evidence & Action

Library, a construction or a room containing collection of books, journals and other materials for people to read, understand, borrow, or refer to. Libraries have been loved for over 3,600 years. But now there is a question mark on its relevance. Exploring issues regarding this, edX is coming up with a new online course “Library Advocacy Unshushed: Values, Evidence & Action” in association with University of Toronto.

This course is all about strengthening libraries and librarians in terms of knowledge, literacy and creativity. It also comprises of various questions such as What are the real essentials about libraries and librarians? How can library members and all who support the mission of 21st-century librarianship raise the profile and support of these timeless values and services and ensure universal access to the universe of ideas in all our communities? The course is totally based on the working aspect.

Here, numerous strategic and inspired evidence-based approaches will be considered to advocate the future strong communities i.e., villages, cities, universities, businesses, not profit organizations, research and development centres.

The course will include:

  • Values and transformative impacts of libraries and librarianship.
  • Research on current perceptions of libraries and librarians.
  • Role of relationships in advocacy.
  • Principles of influence and their impact on advocacy.
  • Strategic thinking and planning in advocacy.
  • Effective communication: messages, messengers, and timing.

Duration of Course
The session will start from 24th February 2014 for the duration of 6 weeks. The course will demand 4-5 hours/week for study.


Knowledge of library and its services is suggested, but not necessary.

Certificate of Accomplishment

Online learners will be given a personalized certificate to showcase their achievement.

About the Instructor

Wendy Newman

She is a senior fellow and lecturer at University of Toronto. As the director of public library she has led innovative partnerships that build community capacity and advance economic and social strengths. She has also developed and taught graduate level courses in advocacy and influence for two ALA-accredited programs. She is also the co-author of a forthcoming book on advocacy.

Gwen Harris

She is an online course developer, instructional designer and instructor. She has worked several years with the Faculty of Information and the iSchool Institute in developing and supporting online courses.

Carolyn Dineen

She is a student in the Master of Information program at Toronto University. She works as a freelancer and copy editor. She is also experienced in academic and public libraries.