Some Cover Letter Samples for Jobs and Scholarships

SomeTop Cover Letter Samples – compiled by Amit Kumar Singh, PhD Student, University of Oxford.

These are some cover letters that students have used successfully to secure interviews. They are provided as guides only since your cover letter should reflect your skills, experience, training, and personality and how they match the job for which you are applying.

Harvard University-Sample Cover Letters and cover letters.pdf

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology- Smart Cover Letters

California State University, Usa, Cover Letter Examples

Vanderbilt University Career Center Cover Letters

Basic Sample Cover Letters,The University Of Texas At Arlington (PDF)

Writing Academic Cover Letters, Claremont Graduate University

Claremont Graduate University- Sample Academic Cover Letter

Portland State Career Center – Writing Cover Letters

Indiana University – Writing Resumes And Cover Letters

Columbia University – Sample Job Cover Letters

Cover Letters, Outcomes, & Grading Criteria – University Of New Mexico

The University Of Vermont – Burlington- Write A Cover Letter

Augusta State University-Sample Cover Letters

Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh: Careers Advisory Service

RGU – Cvs, Applications And Cover Letters MAKING APPLICATIONS

The Written Application

Quint Careers

Cover Letter Work

Berkeley Law – Cover Letters

Grady College – Sample Cover Letters

Bucknell – Creating An Effective Résumé

Cass Business School London – Letters

Virginia University – CV And Cover Letter Writing

IEEE-USA – Resumes And Cover Letters

Arizona State University – Resumes And Cover Letters

Career Center – Phds – Cover Letter

Leo General Cover Letter Tips

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