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2008 PSAC Scholarship Program Ontario

PSAC Scholarship Awards Program

2008  PSAC Scholarship Program

The PSAC Scholarship Program offers the following 15 scholarships:

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  • one $4,000 PSAC – Groulx National Scholarship;
  • one $4,000 PSAC – Coughlin National Scholarship;
  • two $3,000 PSAC – GroulxNational Scholarships;
  • two $3,000 PSAC – Coughlin National Scholarships;
  • one $2,000 J.R. (Joe) Power National Scholarship;
  • one $1,000 PSAC National Scholarship;
  • seven $1,000 PSAC Regional Scholarships; – one for each of the seven regions (Atlantic, Quebec, National Capital Region, Ontario, Prairies, British Columbia, and the North).

Scholarships are available for the children and dependants of PSAC members. As well, three out of the seven $1,000 PSAC Regional Scholarships may be awarded to PSAC members (if applications are received) who are returning to university, college or a recognized institute of higher learning on a full-time basis.

PSAC members (as parents of applicants or as applicants) must be in good standing as of March 31st of the current year.

The scholarships are not restricted to first-year students. No more than one scholarship will be awarded to the same family in a given year and no applicant will be awarded a scholarship more than once.

The scholarships are awarded primarily based on the merit of the 800-word essay according to the essay topic determined for the given year.

The application will be reviewed as a whole; however the PSAC Scholarship Committee will place most emphasis upon the submitted essay.

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