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2011 Kappa Gamma Pi Cornaro funding for Graduate Studies, USA

Kappa Gamma Pi Announce Cornaro funding for Graduate Studies 2011, USA

Study Subject: any graduate or professional program
Employer: Kappa Gamma Pi
Level: Graduate
Description: Each year since 1985, Kappa Gamma Pi has awarded one or more Cornaro scholarships for graduate studies. Because eligibility is limited to Kappa Gamma Pi members, all of whom are honors graduates, the quality of the recipients is exceptional. The Cornaro scholarship is competitive and is based on a number of criteria, specifically how the recipient’s life reflects the Kappa Gamma Pi motto of Faith and Service. Recipients of the Cornaro scholarship encompass the values of volunteer work, leadership experience, high academic standards and solid career aspirations. The program is supported by donations made by Kappa members and friends. The Cornaro Scholarship derives its name from Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Piscopia , the first woman in the world to receive a university degree of any kind. Elena Cornaro, a member of a noble Venetian family, received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in 1678 from the University of Padua, Italy. It was an accomplishment unparalleled for the time.
As the National Catholic College Graduate Honor Society, Kappa Gamma Pi cherishes the accomplishments of Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Piscopia and is proud to have named the funding for Graduate Studies in her honor. Every member of Kappa Gamma Pi is eligible to apply for the Cornaro Scholarship, currently $3000, which provides funding towards the cost of graduate or professional school. The deadline for receiving applications is mid-April and opportunities are awarded each year in June. Applications for the opportunity are available on-line. To be eligible for the opportunity , one must be a member of Kappa Gamma Pi, and must have already been accepted into an accredited graduate or professional program. This year, the deadline for receiving applications and letters of reference is April 20, 2011. We commemorate Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Piscopia as a Kappa before our time. She is the Seventeenth Century Model for Today’s Kappa.



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Submission Deadline: 20 April  2011

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