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2012 Scientific Outreach Grants at Biochemical Society Advancing Molecular Bioscience, UK

Research Grants in the field of Molecular Bioscience at Biochemical Society Advancing Molecular Bioscience, 2012 UK

Study Subject(s):Molecular Bio science
Course Level:Research
Scholarship Provider: Biochemical Society
Award can be taken at: UK



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The effectiveness of the proposal to enhancing work in schools and colleges or public outreach. The level of relevance to the biosciences, with particular emphasis on molecular bioscience where appropriate to the target age group. The number of students/teachers/members of the public reached (N.B. This may include young people involved in developing an event or people to whom material is passed on, in addition to the number actually attending). The clarity of the intended output and any performance indicators (including evidence of impact) or methods of evaluation, such as feedback forms or questionnaires. The likelihood of delivery within the proposed timetable and within the funding requested. The inclusion of hands-on/practical work.

Open for International Students: No

Description: The Society wishes to support scientific outreach events that communicate the excitement of molecular bio science to young people and the community. Applications are invited for sums up to £1000 to assist with the direct costs associated with an event and expenses incurred (e.g. transport and/or teacher cover). The Biochemical Society must be acknowledged at the event and in the resources produced. Copies of all materials generated should be submitted to the Society to disseminate to others where appropriate. A short report of the activity and list of attendees is a condition of the grant.

How to Apply: Online

Application Deadline: 30th April 2012

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