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7 Ways to Improve Concentration for Exams

7 Ways to Improve Concentration for Exams

Exams are a regular part of student’s life yet they can be scary every time. Exams test what students have learned. But looking more deeply, they are more than just academic learning. An exam will test student’s pressure coping ability, time management skills, calmness, and mental stamina too.

Exams are made to be challenging. Life will throw various challenges at everyone. Students are prepared for such future nerve-wracking situations by regularly challenging them with exams. So, giving exams with best efforts is crucial for the overall development of students.

What is Essential for Exams?

Studying for exams is a mentally engaging activity. This mental activity can be equally pressurizing as any physical activity. Exams can become a very stressful situation especially when something important depends on the result of the exams.

For succeeding in an exam, some things are essential:

  • Proper nutrition
  • Distraction-free environment
  • Focused Mind
  • Dedication
  • Mental Perseverance

These all come together to form a concentration. Concentration is the power to focus on an issue, topic, work or object for long periods. And it is a very crucial factor for good results.

Power of Concentration

The rule generally goes simple – Greater the concentration, better the results. This rule is applicable to any task. The power of concentration can be seen even in small things. For instance, playing a game requires concentration. One can play a game without concentration, but he will lose a lot. It is the same for studying and giving exams.

Having strong concentration abilities will automatically push a student above those with lesser concentration. Basically, your brain is a powerhouse. Succeeding in exams require exploiting your powerhouse as much as you can. Every student has the same brain. Those who can concentrate the brain better will take the top.

7 Ways to Improve Concentration During Studying for Exams

Concentration power of the brain is something one can increase with some practice. To increase your concentration for studying, you can follow these steps:

Find a silent surrounding – Silence helps you concentrate better. It is a very understandable yet neglected fact. Listening to songs while studying is not a good option for most people. Though it may feel soothing, it can soon turn into a distraction and affect your study quality. Choose a distraction-free environment.

Stock Up – Keep supplies on your table before starting studies. The goal is to study for long periods in one go. Leaving your chair for water, book, and stationery will make your study period short. There will also be a chance that you do not return to your studies. So, keep a water bottle and other study material close to you.

Nutrition – A healthy body means a healthy brain. Keep your nutrition right. Have balanced diets with all the essential macros your body need. Eat some snacks or a moderate quantity of food before you study. It energises your body. But make sure to not eat a heavy diet as it may make you sleepy.

Find a study time that suits you – It is said that studies are best done in the morning. But this is a misleading statement. Some students feel focused and concentrated during the morning. While others find themselves very sleepy in the morning and energised at night. It all comes down to concentration. Whenever you can concentrate better, is the right time for you.

Have walk breaks – It is just a recommendation, but walking is an efficient refresher. Medium paced walking or a run improves blood flow to your brain. This can make you more concentrated and focused. Keep the walks short. Otherwise, it can become tiring and cause the opposite effect.

Meditation – Meditation is a very fantastic way of relaxing your body and sorting your tensions. It can be boring and difficult in first but quickly gets addicting. Whenever you feel a decline in your concentration, Meditate a little. It will reduce your worries, and help you remain focused.

Play concentration games and do concentration exercises– These are an amazing and quick way of improving your focus. When you are tired of studying, you can work on your concentration by doing certain gazing exercises. Play games like Sudoku and chess to improve your concentration.

7 Ways to Improve Concentration During the Exam

Exam room can be anxiety-inducing. Students have all kinds of doubts and uncertainty on the exam day. Almost everyone feels some kind of excitement, tension, or nervousness that day. But it is important to leave all that outside the exam room. Here are some tips to focus and concentrate while writing your exam:

Taking good sleep before the exam – Starting from the basics, your body needs to be well rested for exams. Sleeping all night before the exam will be counterproductive. Ensure that you are energised in the exam hall

Walk in with a plan – When you have a plan in mind about how to tackle the question paper, you will see an instant rise in your concentration. Following a plan will make you a lot more focused.

Turn a blind eye – Sometimes you will encounter disturbing elements during an exam. Helping others will cause a lack in your content quality. You may even run out of time. Concentrating on your work is important. Following the rules is always the right way.

Keep your calm – Exams can be heavy on your nerves. Concentrating during the exam can become tough due to anxiety and fears. The key is to not panic when you cannot give an answer to any question. Calmly move on to the next question. Panic never helps and it can cause mistakes in easy answers too.

Drink Water – Take a bottle of water with you to the exam room. Water energises and refreshes the nerve links. Water is even better than caffeine in improving focus. Take a sip in between your exam to restore concentration.

Take a watch – Using watch in exam helps you to manage your exam sections better. You can work efficiently and follow your plan. It is a piece of basic advice but very important. It keeps you concentrated on the time limit for each question.

Taking a break – If you feel panic taking over, stop and relax. Loosen up your body and then start fresh from the next question. This brings back your calm and concentration quickly.


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