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Account Control Technology (ACT) Foundation Invites Applications For 2015 Scholarships

Account Technology Foundation or ACT is accepting applications for eligible individuals for the 2015 scholarships. This was released in a recent announcement.

There a total of 50 scholarships amounting to $1000 available for high school seniors and first year college students.

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These are two programs wherein the total number of scholarships is divided. The final date for receiving all applications is March 15, 2015. Students can view all details and the applications by visiting this page.

Under the first program, 25 scholarships will be awarded to undergraduate students across the country who will be going on to become college sophomores next year. The second program awards the remaining 25 scholarships to college bound senior students attending high schools across select communities.

The ACT Cares Community Scholarship program applies to students across predetermined counties like Kern, Los Angeles ones like Butler. Clermont, Hamilton and Warren counties in Ohio and Dallas whereas in Denton, Collin and Tom Green in Texas.

The ACT Foundation was established by Dale and Debbie Van Dellen as a charitable organization with a clear mission to help improve the future of students and the community at large by providing financial literacy and help people under the fundamentals of debt management and mentor the ones who need support. Till date, the Foundation has awarded almost $100,000 worth of college scholarships and more than $43,000 to charitable causes. As part of its services, the Foundation provides a platform for better and well informed financial planning and planning for higher studies too.

“It is our endeavor to help students meet and exceed their education objective and become well rounded confident professionals, securing their future in every way. We hope that these scholarships provide the necessary support to those students who are looking to make their career by formally educating themselves,” commented an official spokesperson from the Foundation on this year’s announcement.

Some of the past recipients had this to say:

Nora commented, “I was very lucky to have had the support of ACT Scholarship when I was a student, as it really eased the financial burden, giving me a tension free educational experience.”

“ My financial situation was not the best and it could have led me to discontinue my college education, but thanks to the ACT Foundation scholarship, I was able to complete my studies and get a gainful and lucrative employment,” shared Matte Jon.