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An Associate Degree or Certificate In Radiation Therapy

What is Radiation Therapy?

Treating cancer in the human body is the principal use of radiation therapy.  As part of a medical radiation oncology team, radiation therapists use machines – called linear acceleration- to administer radiation treatment to patients.  Radiation therapy is sometimes used as the sole treatment for cancer, but is usually used in conjunction with chemotherapy or surgery.

A bachelor degree, associate degree, or certificate in radiation therapy is generally required to become a professional therapist.  Many states also require radiation therapists to be licensed.  With experience, therapists can advance to managerial positions.

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Importance of Radiation Therapy

Radiation Therapy offers students the possibility to work in a compassionate environment while providing direct patient care using state-of-the-art treatment techniques and equipment.  Radiation therapy offers numerous exciting opportunities in the field of medicine. Those interested in pursuing radiation therapy as a career need to have a knack for helping others and should be comfortable using technology to help in the eradication of cancer.

Why Students Opt For this Degree?

Radiation therapy is used for treating cancer. Radiation therapy involves the use of machines like linear accelerators to target high energy x-rays to destroy the cancer cells in patient’s body. These high-energy x-rays destroy the cancerous cells by shrinking or removing them. Radiation therapists are responsible for operating linear accelerators, administering, interpreting, and recording patient data in cancer centers and hospitals. They are also responsible for simulating the procedure for determining the proper placement of the patient and the linear accelerator. Radiation therapists are required to follow strict safety procedures to avoid over exposure to radiation. They develop a treatment plan in consultation with the physician specializing in radiation therapy.

Radiation therapists held about 15,000 jobs in 2006.  About 73 percent worked in hospitals, and about 17 percent worked in the offices of physicians.  A small proportion worked in outpatient care centers.  Employment of radiation therapists is projected to grow by 25 percent by 2016, which is much faster than the average for all occupations.  In addition, as radiation technology advances and is able to treat more types of cancer, radiation therapy will be prescribed more often.

International Colleges offering Radiation Therapy

Oregon Health & Science University

According to the world report this University has gained third position in primary care and 37th in research area. Students can pursue their bachelor degree in radiation therapy in this university to become great professionals in future.

Scholarships:  There is a special committee that reviews the scholarship form submitted by the students and they are selected based on donor-established criteria.

Keiser University

The University provides the facility of Associate Degree in Radiation therapy in this campus to learn the methods of utilizing radioactive isotopes and radiation for treating cancer. It is been honored among the best colleges. It provides a personal learning experience to the students here.

Scholarships:  Financial aid is provided to students who qualify, and scholarships are offered to all qualified active-duty personnel, dependants and retirees.  The students must be permanent residents to qualify for federal funding.

Bellevue College

In the state of Washington, it is the only University that provides training in the radiation therapy course. The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists conduct a national examination for students after completion of the course. It is an excellent career that is offered here for people who care about other people.

Scholarships: Lots of scholarships are provided to students taking up courses in this University. The financial aid provided is beneficial to cover expenses like tuition fees, transportation room expense and transportation.

Community College of Allegheny County

The environment provided for students in the Community College is basically learning centered.  About 155 career programs are offered at this university. In Western Pennsylvania, it is the leading provider of educational services.

Scholarships: Scholarships are awarded to students based on merit and need. It is also provided to students with a particular ethnic background.

NHTI – Concord’s Community College

Gaining admission in this course of radiation therapy is very competitive, and the selection here is based on high school grades. Admissions are provided after a personal interview and an observation essay by students.

Scholarship: The Financial aid provided by the University is a valuable investment, and can be used by students to accomplish their educational goal.

IVY TECH Community College

The admission for this course in Radiation Therapy in Indiana is a selective program. Limited students gain admission in this college and there is a separate application procedure for the course. The main topics included in the curriculum include pathology, patient care, radiation biology, safety and ethics.

Scholarships: There are many sources of financial aid provided in this University that make it easier for students to complete their graduation. The most valuable source is the FAFSA that determines the amount of the scholarship that each student qualifies for.

OAKLAND Community College

Graduate programs here in Radiation therapy are approved by the Joint Review Committee on Education Programs. Supportive courses at OCC must also be taken to attain a degree in Radiation therapy.

Scholarships: The OCC students are awarded with many scholarships, both from private and public donations. Scholarships are provided based on academic performance.

Forsyth Technical Community College

A radiation therapy course from this college puts forward a variety of educational experiences in the laboratory and classroom. The coursework provides learning experience for students in the application of prescribed doses of ionizing radiation, especially for the treatment of disease.

Scholarship: The student financial service staff provides students the funds to complete their course in this college. These scholarships are provided every year and students need to write an essay based on which they would qualify for the funds.

Galveston College

Certificate program is provided in this college which is for 16 months. The demand of Radiation therapist has increased to a great extent and this college is the oldest college that provides radiation therapy program in 5 semesters and that is established in 1978.

Scholarships: Financial aid is provided to needy students who cannot pursue education without any assistance.

Argosy University

The technicalities of this course of Radiation therapy are well-managed by this university. It provides an associate degree in this course. They also help students develop an attentive mind and kindness for cancer patients.

Scholarship: Based on the economic conditions of a student, scholarships are provided by this University.