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ATLAS Scholarship at University College Twente in Netherlands, 2016

University of Twente is pleased to invite applications for ATLAS Scholarship open to Dutch, EU/EEA/Swiss and Non-EU/EEA students. The scholarship is available to attend Bachelor’s programme in Technology and Liberal Arts & Sciences (ATLAS) during the academic year 2016-2017.

The University College Twente offers an interdisciplinary Bachelor’s programme in Technology and Liberal Arts & Sciences (ATLAS) for top students, integrating social and technical perspectives into a new engineering approach. The ATLAS Scholarship Fund (ASF) grants financial aid to students admitted to the ATLAS programme who would be unable to participate in the programme without such aid. The bursaries are awarded in order to foster the excellence and the diversity of the ATLAS student population..



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University of Twente is a leading international research university in Europe, situated in the Netherlands. University offers an inspiring academic setting for the world’s brightest and most talented minds. Most of our Bachelor’s programmes are English taught. University College Twente offers broad honours BSc programme built around challenging problems in society.

Applicants require IELTS 7.0 (overall band score) and TOEFL 100 (internet based test).

Course Level: Scholarship is available to pursue undergraduate programme.

Study Subject: Scholarship is awarded for BSc programme in Technology and Liberal Arts & Sciences (ATLAS).

List of Subjects: Technology, Liberal Arts and Sciences

Award: The amount of ASF scholarship depends on the nationality of the applicant. The amounts for the 2015-2016 academic year are indicated below.
Dutch students: €2.000
EU/EEA/Swiss students: between €2.440 and €4.880
Non-EU/EEA students: between €5.940 and €11.880

Award can be taken at: Netherlands

Eligibility: -Student have been admitted to the ATLAS programme.
-Student display strong motivation and have earned excellent grades in secondary school.
-Student maintain good academic results throughout the programme and graduate within three academic years.
-Students are an asset to the ATLAS community in terms of excellence or in terms of diversity.
-Students are unable to attend the University College Twente without an ASF Scholarship. For Dutch students, this means receiving a maximum additional grant from DUO. International students must prove their financial need by submitting a budgetary proposal, or by sending copies of the salary statements of both parents (or legal guardians) and recent tax returns.

Nationality: Dutch, EU/EEA/Swiss and Non-EU/EEA students can apply for these ASF scholarships.

College Admission Requirement

Entrance Requirement: Secondary education degree with high final grades in Mathematics and one of the Science subjects (preferably in Physics). Secondary education must be comparable to the Dutch Voorbereidend Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs (VWO) diploma.

English Language Requirement:
-If student’s secondary education level is comparable to the Dutch VWO diploma, they can submit final grade in English to prove their English language proficiency. This grade must be at least 75% of the maximum score. Additionally their English language skills may be tested during the selection procedure.
-If their secondary education level is not comparable to the Dutch VWO diploma or their final grade in English does not meet the required level, they must provide one of the English language test scores:
IELTS (overall band score): 7.0
TOEFL internet based test: 100
Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE): C
Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE): C
-Native English speakers as well as applicants with an International Baccalaureate or European Baccalaureate diploma are exempt from the English language proficiency requirement.

Netherlands Scholarships

Supporting Material: -Curriculum Vitae (CV)
-Motivation letter: explaining the reasons for applying and their suitability for the University College Twente (max 2 pages).
-Diploma and transcript of records: In most cases they will receive their secondary school diploma and their final exam scores in the summer (after the application deadline for ATLAS programme). Send us a certified copy of their most current secondary school transcript translated into English (or in Dutch).
-Proof of English language proficiency
-Copy of their passport or ID

How to Apply: To apply for the ATLAS Scholarship Fund, students need to fill in the online form. After University receives application, the Admission Committee of University College Twente will assess their eligibility as a scholarship candidate and determine any aid amount to be awarded.
College Course Admission process: If they wish to join the Honours Bachelor’s programme in Technology and Liberal Arts and Sciences (ATLAS), they must apply for admission to ATLAS programme via Studielink – a national database where all applications to Dutch institutes of higher education are processed. Follow this step-by-step guide to apply to ATLAS programme:
Step 1: Go to Studielink and create their account. To do so, they must fill in their personal details and details of their prior education.
Step 2: Fill in the online application form in Studielink to apply for ATLAS programme. The ATLAS programme is listed at the University of Twente programme list as ‘Technology and Liberal Arts & Sciences – Bachelor’.
Step 3: After registering at the Studielink they will be asked to send in their application documents to admission-ATLAS-at-utwente.nl

Application Form

Application Deadline: The deadline for application is May 1st, 2016.

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