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Australian Development Scholarships (ADS)

Australian Development Scholarships (ADS) is a bilateral program
within the Australian Scholarships initiative.

Australian Development Scholarships are a highly-valued form of
development cooperation that aims to contribute to the long term
development needs of Australia’s partner countries to promote growth
and stability.

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They provide opportunities for people from developing countries to
undertake full time undergraduate or postgraduate study in Australia.

Fields of study are targeted to address agreed priority human resource
and development needs of recipient countries, in line with Australia’s
bilateral aid program.

Australian Development Scholarships equips scholars with the skills
and knowledge to drive change and influence the development outcomes
of their own country through obtaining tertiary qualifications at
participating Australian higher education institutions and technical

Scholarship holders are required to return to their country of
citizenship for two years after they have completed their studies to
contribute to the development of their country.

Up to 1000 Australian Development Scholarships are awarded each year
across 31 countries with scholarships awarded equally between men and
Categories of Australian Development Scholarships

There are two categories of Australian Development Scholarships:

Public sector: Applicants are public sector employees who are
nominated by their governments for an Australian Development
Scholarships award through a competitive selection process. Applicants
are required to return to their role in the public service at the
completion of their award in order to strengthen public service
capacity in their home country.

Open/equity: Applicants do not need to be nominated by their
government or employer. Anyone who meets the selection criteria may
apply under this category. Applicants are required to return to their
country of citizenship after the completion of their award to
contribute to the development of the identified priority sector in
their country.
Scholarship benefits

Australian Development Scholarships are offered for the minimum period
necessary for the individual to complete the academic program
specified by the Australian education institution, including any
preparatory training. The following benefits generally apply:

* Return air travel – Payment of a single return, economy class
airfare to and from Australia, via the most direct route. A reunion
airfare may also be available to eligible students.
* Contribution to initial visa expenses
* Establishment allowance – A once only payment of A$5,000 as a
contribution towards expenses such as rental bonds, text books, study
materials, additional medical insurance, home contents insurance,
excess baggage upon return home etc.
* Full tuition fees
* Contribution to living expenses – a fortnightly contribution to
basic living expenses paid at a rate determined by AusAID. For all
students who have received an Offer to start in Semester 1, 2007 the
stipend is A$19,616 per annum (or $751.10 per fortnight).
* Introductory Academic Program (IAP) – A compulsory 4-6 week
program prior to the commencement of formal academic studies covering
information on life and study in Australia. See information on IAPs
* Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the duration of the
award (for award holder only) – provided to cover the student’s basic
medical costs.
* Pre-course English fees – if deemed necessary may be available
for students for in-country and/or in-Australia training.
* Supplementary Academic Support (Tutorial Assistance) – May be
available when essential to improving the student’s performance to
ensure their academic success
* Fieldwork (for research students only) – May be available for
eligible research students for one return economy class airfare via
the most direct route to their country of citizenship or within


Applicants for Australian Development Scholarships must satisfy both
the general eligibility criteria and specific criteria established for
each country . Applicants will also need to satisfy all requirements
of the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship.
General eligibility criteria

Applicants must:

* be a citizen of an ADS participating country [see below]
* not hold Australian or New Zealand citizenship or permanent
resident status (unless you are applying as a citizen of the Cook
Islands, Niue and Tokelau)
* not married to/or a defacto of, or engaged to, a person who
holds or is eligible to hold an Australian or New Zealand citizenship
or permanent resident status
* not hold or have held an Australian government funded
scholarship in the preceding 12 months at the time of application
* satisfy any specific criteria established by the applicant’s
country and/or government of citizenship
* satisfy the admission requirements of the Institution at which
the ADS is to be undertaken
* satisfy all requirements of the Australian Department of
Immigration and Citizenship.

Country specific criteria

In addition to the above general eligibility criteria, applicants must
also meet specific eligibility criteria imposed by the Government of
their country of citizenship. Country specific eligibility criteria
are available from the Australian Diplomatic Mission in your country
of citizenship, or from the relevant link below.
Eligible countries

You are only eligible for ADS if you are a citizen of one of the
countries listed below. Enquiries about ADS should be made with the
Australian Diplomatic Mission in your country of citizenship.

Please note that Diplomatic Missions in other countries or AusAID
Offices in Australia cannot provide country specific information about
the availability of scholarships.

Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Fiji, Indonesia, Kenya, Kiribati,
Laos, Lesotho, Malawi, Maldives, Mongolia, Mozambique, Mozambique,
Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Samoa, Solomon Islands, South
Africa, Sri Lanka, Swaziland, Tanzania, Timor Leste,Tonga, Tuvalu,
Uganda, Vanuatu, Vietnam, Zambia

Full Information please visit http://www.ausaid.gov.au


  1. Isaiah Takau says:

    I would like how to apply?
    How to get admission in Australian University?
    What areas of life do ADS special sponsor?
    I would be glad to know in order to help my country in developing pharmacy in Tonga to provide cheaper medication for the community ,recently we only have here two pharmacist in Tonga and they both own there own pharmacy so they maximize there selling for an affortable price for the community.So need this to narrow this gap

    Thank you

  2. ELINE NKYA says:

    I will like to know how to apply this scholarship?
    How to get addmision in Australian University?
    Which courses and research do ADS sponsor?
    Thank you.

  3. lwamulungi Dorothy says:

    How do i make application in case i need scholaship for 2008/2009 for an undergraduate course in medicine. Am a Ugnadan by Nationality.

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