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Best Animation Universities Worldwide

Create Your Own Animation Movie With A Degree From International Universities

There are a huge number of universities that offer a course in animation. These degrees can be extremely helpful for students who wish to work on some of the successful movies being released each year. Additionally, a degree in animation can open up a variety of fields such as game design and visual effects.

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Why Select Animation Courses?

Animation as a career field is becoming increasingly popular. Cartoons were cartoons in our childhood. Oh those simpler times, where have they gone! They have been replaced by cutting edge technology and super awesome experiences. The animation is much more than cartoons and it is definitely looking at targeting more than just children.

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The industry has undergone an unrecognizable change and to keep up with the same has become more important than never before. With 2D, 3D and even 4D, it’s all about the best user experience and upping the bar. There are so many children today who are looking at animation as a serious career path and want to have a go at this exciting stream. Read more for Top Animation Colleges In India.

 Importance Of Animation Courses Universities

Armed with degrees from international universities, students can enter a variety of career fields. They can become animators helping to create successful movies or work in visual effects for other non-animated movies. They can even pursue a career in game design by creating attractive graphics for video games. A good university can help prepare the students for the needs of these careers.

Study At Best Animation Universities

Sheridan College, Canada

The Sheridan College in Ontario, Canada offers an extensive range of degrees in animation. They include a one year course in computer animation. Additionally, there is a full-fledged bachelor’s degree in animation amongst other related courses such as game design.

Scholarships: The Sheridan Collage has different scholarships and bursaries available for students. Some of them include the Ontario First Generation Bursary and the CFUW Milton Award.

Rank #11 according to the Animation Career Review.

Bournemouth University, United Kingdom

The Bournemouth University offers different bachelors courses for students interested in the field of animation. These degrees take three years to complete and cater to diverse fields such as computer animation, games technology, computer visualization and art and software development for animation effects and games.

Scholarships: The Bournemouth University offers a number of scholarships for all kinds of students. Some are meant for students from the United Kingdom while others are reserved for those from the EU. There are still others meant for international students. Some scholarship programs that can be got here are the BU Academic Excellence Scholarship and the BU Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship.

Rank #2 according to the Animation Career Review

California Institute of the Arts, United States

The California Institute of the Arts is considered to be among the best initiates in the United States for studying animation. The institution offers both bachelors and masters degrees in graphic design and art.

Scholarships: There are a number of scholarships offered by the California Institute of the Arts such as the CalGrant and private scholarships such as the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation grant and the Kate Neal Kinley Memorial Fellowship.

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

The Nanyang Technological University is one of the best universities for studying animation. It offers undergraduate courses in digital animation.

Scholarships: The University does provide a few scholarships of its own but it is possible to get grants from elsewhere. The Nanyang Scholarship is one of them.

Rank #100 according to the Animation Career Review

Royal College Of Art, United Kingdom

It is one of the most prestigious universities in the world for all fields related to art. It offers animation courses to students at the master’s level.

Scholarships: The Commonwealth Shared Scholarship is one of the different scholarships offered by the college.

Rank #46 according to the Animation Career Review

HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, Netherlands

There is a bachelor degree in art and technology at HKU which is perfect for those wanting a career in video games while the bachelor degree in design can be used for entry into the animation industry.

Scholarships: HKU has a few scholarships on offer for the student such as the Holland Scholarship. Private scholarships can be availed of as well.

Rank #38 according to the Animation Career Review

RMIT University, Australia

The RMIT University is one of the best places to study animation in Australia thanks to its wide range of bachelor’s degrees in animation and game design.

Scholarships: RMIT University offers a combined total of over 2000 scholarships. Some of them include the Ernest William Capp Scholarship and the George Alexander Foundation Grant.

Rank #30 according to the Animation Career Review

University of Technology, Australia

There is a three year bachelor’s course in design in animation at this university. Additional bachelor’s degree in related fields such as games development is available here.

Scholarships: The range of scholarships at this university is quite diverse and includes grants such as the Australia Awards Scholarships.

Rank #77 according to the Animation Career Review

Teesside University, England

The Teesside University is famous for its graduates who have worked in some of the most famous and amazing visual effects movies. Both postgraduate and undergraduate courses in animation and other fields are available here.

Scholarships: The Teesside Kickstart award and the Teesside Extra scholarship are some of the many grants available at the university.

Rank #20 according to the Animation Career Review

Beijing Film Academy, China

It is the largest institution dedicated to film studies in the world possibly. Its school of animation specializes in Asian animation and is highly rated. It offers undergraduate course in the field.

Scholarships: The Beijing Film Academy has two scholarships in place. They are the CSC Scholarship and the BFA Scholarship.

Rank #27 according to the Animation Career Review

Animation has become an essential part of the movie and the video game industry. Students can make use of the degrees from the best schools and universities to leave a mark on the field.

Other Animation Scholarships

Prominent universities run the gamut of Animation scholarships from hobby to professional animation. Students undertaking careers in animation will need to complete common graphic coursework and computer designing, as well as drawing and traditional illustration, film and photographic techniques. Professional animators can opt working in films, televisions, commercial advertising and computer game designs. They are highly skilled and must have an educational background that covers an assorted array of artistic majors. To qualify for these scholarships, applicants must have a demonstrable record of academic success and have passion and drive for an animation and/or design-related career. You can find compact listing of animation scholarships at Scholarship-Positions.