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Best Countries to Study Abroad for Kenyan Students

Best Countries to Study Abroad for Kenyan Students

Although many Kenyan students consider traveling abroad for further studies, most of them it hard to select the best countries to go. It is essential to understand that the Kenyan government recognizes not all universities found in other countries. Other factors to consider include cost of living, quality of education, and the type of courses. These factors play a critical role when planning to go for further studies in foreign countries.

The best countries for Kenyan students planning to study abroad include; the United States, United Kingdom, China, Australia, Germany, South Korea, New Zealand, and Canada among others. Although the United States and the United Kingdom have been, for a long time, known as the best destinations for Kenyan students, the two countries of late have experienced a low number of Kenyan students due to the high cost of living there.

These countries are best for Kenyan students because of the following reasons:

Provision of High-Quality of Education

Provision of a high standard of education is the main reason why these countries are best for Kenyan students looking to advance their studies abroad. The United States, for example, is ranked as the recognized country with the top best universities across the world according to the current global ranking.

Unfortunately, the country has the highest living cost making it difficult for Kenyan students who come from a low-income family.

Promoting Cultural Diversity

Cultural diversity is another factor to consider when choosing the country. These countries allow students from different parts of the world to study in their universities. The selection for students is also based on the merits of performance, but not on the economic status of the country of the applicant.

Moreover, some of the Kenyan students who got opportunities to study in these countries start that there is no any form of discrimination practiced in this students, and in fact, Kenyan students are also allowed to participate or hold certain positions in those universities.


Another benefit of studying in these countries is innovation. These countries, for example, China, Australia, United States, and Canada have an excellent reputation for adopting advanced technologies as fast as possible than any other countries in the world.

They have world-class teaching research and training facilities which are useful for increasing your skills thus improving your productivity. Moreover, these countries have unique quality assurance systems in their structure.

Kenyan students can enjoy an unlimited level of services including financial protection. Their quality training frameworks are determined by the government to strengthen the process of education quality assurance.

Job Opportunities

It is good to study in the country that provides job opportunities to you regardless of your nationality. Canada, Australia, and the United States are known to allow international students to take a part-time job in their countries.

Kenyan students who perform well in these countries are sometimes employed to work as part-time tutors there; however, this is mostly applied to those in the medical profession as stated by some of the students studying in these countries.

Recently, Australia and China have been on the forefront providing part-time job opportunities to international students. This has attracted many students across the world

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