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Best Universities For Females Worldwide

Best Global Universities for Female Students

The prevalent notion that women’s universities cannot prepare students for the actual world is incorrect since most of them boast of amazing faculty members, top-notch educational resources, and cross-registration programs with colleges.

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The finest universities across the world for women are chosen according to their popularity, economy, and student/faculty ratio, quality of instruction, student life and exclusivity.

Why Universities For Female Are Important?

Universities meant exclusively for women are very essential in the arena of higher education. These are especially vital for those females who stay in conservative families and societies, which forbid women in their family to study with students of the opposite sex. Here’s a list of some of the best universities in the world who provide opportunities to female candidates to pursue higher studies.

Barnard College

Affiliated to Columbia University, Barnard College in New York maintains a great faculty, governance, curriculum and endowment. The urban campus spread across four acres attracts driven and sophisticated women and provides students with the opportunity to broaden their academic track record. In terms of admissions, Barnard is one of the most competitive women’s universities.

Rank: The educational institution has been ranked 35 on the list of best global colleges by Forbes Magazine.

Bryn Mawr College

Situated close to Philadelphia, this is one of the best universities for females whoare academically focused and they can take classes at the elite Haverford College and Swarthmore College. Aside from a strong educational track record, Bryn Mawr is rich in traditions and history, including Parade Night at the start of the year and May Day at the close of the spring semester.

Rank:  This college ranks 65 in the Forbes list of top colleges in the world.

Cedar Crest College

Cedar Crest College in Allentown, Pennsylvania, is one of the most prestigious educational institutions for women that date back by 142 years. Led by a black female college president, Cedar Crest offers extensive adult education programs apart from women’s academics.

Rank:  This institution ranks 582 in the list of best global universities for women in Forbes magazine.

Mills College

Established in the year 1852, Mills College boasts of a 135-acre campus in Oakland, California. This amazing educational institution has earned lots of accolades for the quality of education and value, and it generally ranks among the best universities for females in the nation. The school manages to gain high marks for its environmental efforts. The college has a 12:1 student/faculty ration along with an average class size of 16.

Rank:  Overall, Mills College has been ranked 291 in the global university rankings by Forbes Magazine.

Mount Holyoke College

Founded as early as 1837, Mount Holyoke boasts of one of the most breath-taking college campuses in Massachusetts with lakes, waterfalls, botanical gardens, and horseback-riding trails.

Rank: The college has been ranked 97 by Forbes.

Simmons College

Located in Boston, this racially diverse college was one of the first to admit Jewish and black students and provides an MBA program that has been designed specifically for women. Simmons mainly focuses on the liberal arts and sciences.

Rank: Forbes ranks the college as 299.

The Women’s College

A part of the University of Sydney, the Women’s College was founded in 1892 and has become the cultural, academic and residential hub for female scholars in Australia.

Rank:  The institution has been ranked 45 in the list of best global universities.

China Women’s University

Situated in Beijing, China Women’s University was founded in the year 1949 as a school for the cadres of All-China Women’s Federation. Currently this is one of the best universities for females in the world.

Rank:  Tthe institution has gained a rank of 2483 in the university web rankings.

Lucy Cavendish College

Lucy Cavendish College happens to be a constituent college of the University of Cambridge which admits just the undergraduate and postgraduate women students over the age of 21.

Rank:  Situated in Cambridge, United Kingdom, the college ranks 28th in the Tompkins Table.

Miranda House

Established in 1948 in Delhi, India, Miranda House is a college for women at the University of Delhi and offers degrees in science and liberal arts.

Rank:  The college has been ranked 3rd in the list of best science colleges in India.

Women have lots of options in terms of educational institutions all over the world and they are free to choose their academic path based on their interests.