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Best Jobs for College Grads With No Experience

As a college graduate, finding jobs can be hard. Many people take up internships while in college to gain some experience in their field, or they earn money as a graduate assistant as well. But if you have no experience, where do you start?

You can start looking on Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn and plenty other hiring sites that will help you find your way. To help you choose what you want, here are the best jobs for college graduates with no experience.

Journalism Majors: Freelance Journalist

To gain a little more experience in the journalism field, you can start off by working for a newspaper or magazine company that is close to you. In Metropolitan areas, there are plenty of these positions to choose from, but if you’re in a smaller town, the local newspaper should be a great entry point.

When you’re in journalism, you have to stock up clips and make a portfolio so people can get a sense of your style of writing, your experience level and who you’ve written for. This job is perfect for the person looking to start their journalism career.

Business Majors: Financial Analyst

This position is one of the most popular entry-level jobs for business majors. Banks, security or financial investment firms, and insurance companies offer plenty of jobs in this area.

By working in this role, you’ll gain experience in how investments and stocks work — which is perfect if you’re going into business.

Business Majors: Sales Representative

This is also a popular position for entry-level or even intermediately experienced individuals looking to make a break in the business.

If you’re a people person and persuasive, this job will be fulfilling. The person in this position will seek out long-lasting relationships for the company, as well as close on a deal and find potential new clients.

It should be noted that many sales representative positions have a base salary and then commission on top, or sometimes they’ll be entirely commission-based. If this doesn’t make you hesitate, then you should it.

Marketing Majors: Marketing Coordinator

Marketing coordinators will help work on the long-term and short-term marketing strategy, coming up with new ideas to help the company grow and expand its reach.

Often this job will entail social media and digital marketing, where you take control of the company’s social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, with the sole responsibility of expanding the audience and reach. You’ll be tasked with paid promotions and with growing the platforms organically.

You may also work in public relations to expand the relationship with media, coordinate public events and provide a voice for the company.

Software Engineering Majors: Entry Level Software Engineer

The person choosing to enter this competitive and growing field will be tasked with developing high-quality software for a company.

You might establish requirements and design product features, plan releases and document, install and train supporting products. This job often requires someone to be able to work in a collaborative environment and be team-oriented.

It requires at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering, and you must have knowledge in javascript, HTML and CSS, and often C++. For a software engineer, this is the entry point to the industry. Who knows? You may even end up at Google.

Electrical Engineer Majors: Level 1 Engineer

As a Level 1 Engineer, you’ll be testing and documenting safety-critical hardware while under the direction of a senior engineer.

Typical entry-level engineers start off by beginning to acquire product domain knowledge, test and document hardware and evaluate the interface between hardware and software.

Political Science Majors: Lawyer, Politician

For political science majors, the job opportunities vary and are vast. You could go directly into politics, coming up with new ideas for government and legislation. You could become a political journalist, commenting on world affairs. You could become a lawyer as many people do, and choose to fight for human rights.

As a lawyer, you could become an entry-level associate attorney, who works under head attorneys by doing a lot of the background work and assisting with any of the head attorney’s needs with civil litigation. Responsibilities often include research, filing, discovery and court appearances.

English Language and Literature Majors: Professor

Oftentimes, English literature majors will go into education and become a professor. You can get a headstart by becoming a graduate assistant or working within the department as an undergraduate, and then eventually move into teaching.

Other jobs for English Literature majors are as follows:

Publishing Assistant

You assist in the book publishing process.

Editorial Assistant

You work for a publication, publishing house or literary agency reading manuscripts and article pitches, and communicating with writers.


This is a good entry-level position for the academic that likes to edit and read, finding any errors or problems with flow and logic within a manuscript, book draft or article.

Social Media Manager

Much of social media management is learning how to craft the perfect message to your audience, and having a good understanding of writing is imperative.


As with social media management, if crafting messages are your thing, then copywriting might be a good entry point. You start by writing social media content, articles, and blogs for various companies.

Psychology Majors: Psychologist, Psychiatrist, or Counselor

With a degree in psychology, your possibilities are endless. You could become a behavioral analyst for a company, a psychologist or psychiatrist, or you could decide to be a counselor for people going through troubles.

Many people have counselors or psychologist that they go to talk about things on their mind. If you’re someone who likes to connect with and help people, you might want to focus on this area. Counselors can even help minorities or people with fewer opportunities by working at the Women’s Center or the Salvation Army.

With so many areas to go into, the biggest thing for a college graduate to do when looking for employment opportunities is to keep searching for a job that you know will help advance your career.

If you focus on 5-year short-term goals and long-term goals, and then work backward and try to see how to get there, you’ll take the steps needed to be where you want to be.


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