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Best Universities For Distance Education Worldwide

Instigated as correspondence education system in late 30s, distance education today has emerged into a dynamic and technology-driven world of education system. It is cited by many as the perfect alternative for students who are unable to access education due to financial barriers, time constraints and other obstacles.

In the recent past, the online distance education has gained immense hype and attracted attention of many students, all thanks to the popularity and flexibility offered by MOOCs or Massive Open Online Course.

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A recent survey has revealed that most of the distance education universities and colleges are recording more online searches compared to the long-established traditional on-campus institutions.

The comfort, flexibility and effortlessness offered by distance education really attracts students from every nook of the world, especially those students who desire to manage their professional life, family and other commitments and at the same time want to complete their higher education to excel in career.

Today, the number of students participating in distance education system has outdone all other forms of education in short span of time. Most of the educational institutions and universities across the world are now focusing more on distance education instead of on-campus traditional programs.

What is Distance Education?

Distance Education or Distance Learning is the type of education system where some educational strategies are used to take the advantage of technology to render education not in the traditional education setting like classroom, but via internet. Life of a normal individual depends on education for growth and advancement in their career. Full time traditional programs are not easy to opt by working personnel and also for people residing in remote areas.

Therefore, to address the need of the hour most of the universities and colleges are offering distance education in a variety of subject areas. Some of the universities even provide distance education with full study materials. The easy accessibility of distance learning allows the students from all backgrounds to earn a degree in their desired subject from a university of their choice.

Distance education was basically implemented with an aim to help students pursue higher education without the issue of geographical barriers, time constraints and financial burden. There are many people and working professionals who want to pursue higher education to excel in their career, but lack of time, busy schedule and financial constraints prevent them from taking up a full time course. So, distance education can be a boon for such students, helping them to pursue and upgrade their education from the college of their choice.

Importance of Distance Education

Today, distance education is the highly preferred choice of education for many. This is because most of the working professionals and people either find it difficult to make out time to go to traditional college and attend classes or due to financial constraints they are unable to enroll for full time programs. Due to increasing recognition of distance learning lots of changes are made in this education system. Loads of development has been made in the way it is presented and accessed by students. Working professionals who want to excel in their career opt to enroll for distance education and earn a degree. The multinational organizations also encourage all their employees to take part in this education system to earn higher degree for their career growth, which would be beneficial for the organization as well.

Moreover, there is great flexibility of time and location in distance education. Students can either access the course online from university’s website from any location and at any time or they may request for study materials to be delivered at their doorstep. The virtual classes are arranged by the universities where in the students are provided with a User ID and Password to access the courses. Students from rural areas can now afford to obtain a very reputable education from the confines of their home. They can earn a degree in their desired subject from a reputable college of their choice through virtual education. Distance education has really given students the opportunity to access education that once seemed unattainable and beyond one’s reach.

Best Universities for Distance Education

University of Liverpool

World’s leading E-Learning University according Financial Times, University of Liverpool in Coop was commenced in 1881 and globally acclaimed for best education services. In collaboration with Laureate Online Education, University of Liverpool has been exceptionally serving global students with its 51 distance education programs in a variety of subject areas, including nursing, business, medical, information technology, law, health, psychology and others. The university is making the degrees available to students through virtual learning format and quality distance education.

The university holds 123rd rank in QS World University Rankings 2014/15, while in Times World University Rankings 2014/15 it holds 157th rank.

The University of Manchester

The popular and forward-thinking university of Britain, The University of Manchester enables students from across the world to expand their horizons with its advanced and quality distance education and online courses in different subjects, including Human Resource, Arts, Informatics Nursing, Density, Management, Engineering and much more. Whether you are a graduate student want to boost your career prospects or a working professional seeking formal qualification to excel and hone your skills or enquiring mind want to hone your knowledge, you will definitely find the distance education at Manchester helpful that suit all your needs. Classes offered through web-based and self-study resources, the online programs and distance education at Manchester enable students to enjoy education without geographical barriers and strict timing schedule.

University of Manchester holds 52nd position in Times World University Rankings 2014/15 and 30th rank in QS World University Rankings 2014/15.

Indira Gandhi National Open University

The largest and the popular distance Education University of India, IGNOU has been serving a large number of students from across the globe with its distance certificate courses and degree programs in a variety of disciplines at affordable rates. The university offers distance education in all the educational disciplines and hence it holds the position of best and top Open University for distance learning amongst the top ten distance education universities of India. The university provides self-study resources and materials and students are required to complete their assignments and submit it timely to earn a degree in any subject of their choice.

Boston University Distance Education

For over 140 years Boston University has been offering quality education and its pioneering research, international renowned faculty and academic innovation has really revolutionized the education system. Now, Boston University’s distance education is all set to bring a unique experience to students from different geographical location with a process of online education which is matchless. Distance education at Boston University is a supreme experience where students receive the same degree and quality level of education as on-campus students in a variety of subject areas, including Arts Education, Criminal Justice, Music Education, Computer Information Systems, Health Communication, Management and much more. They get the opportunity to learn from same faculty but via web-based resources. Students are required to meet the same strict academic standard to earn a degree for which they can take pride.

Boston University holds 78th position in QS World University Rankings 2014/15 and 57th rank in Times World University Rankings 2014/15.

Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning

Holds the 5th rank amongst the best education centers in India, Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning takes the pride for offering high quality distance education to students in almost all educational disciplines including health care, law, management, commerce, science and arts.

Referred as the best Deemed University of India by Government of India, Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning is the best and one of its kind distance education institutions in India that upholds a close link with most of the industries and businesses to promote employ ability for graduates and to persuade them to recruit the students after graduation.

University of Florida Distance Learning

No matter where you are located, you can get access to online campus of over hundreds of online certificate and degree programs through distance learning program at University of Florida. University of Florida offers online Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate programs which are the wings of UF’s academic brilliance beyond the boundaries of traditional campus which can be availed by students across the world without any geographical constraints. The university offers online degree programs in varied domains including Agricultural & Life Science, Journalism, Communications, Business Administration, Health and Human Performance, Liberal Arts & Science and much more. Online distance learning at UF is for students looking for best alternative to on-campus programs and who want to experience the same academic standards and earn a degree from reputed university similar to on-campus students.

University of Florida holds 126th rank in Times World University Rankings 2014/15 and 192nd position in QS World University Rankings 2014/15.

Massey University Distance Learning, New Zealand

New Zealand’s leading provider of distance learning, Massey University has set a record to attract over 17,000 students every year to pursue online undergraduate and postgraduate degree program in a variety of subject areas, including Business, Creative Arts, Humanities and Social Science and much more, to enhance career prospects and for professional development. Students are greatly benefited from the successful and proven track record of the University of 50 years for supporting and helping the distance learners. Massey University is the leading and pre-eminent distance education provider of New Zealand that has exceptional reputation for enhancing learning experience of students.

Massey University holds 346th rank in QS World University Rankings 2014/15.

University of Southern Queensland

Established in the year 1976, The University of Southern Queensland is the second largest online university of Australia with over 17,000 enrollments every year. The off-campus or distance learning at USQ has a proven track record for rendering quality online degrees and programs in a supportive and flexible environment and in a variety of subject areas, including Commerce, Sports, Arts, Social Science, Science, Engineering and much more. Students are provided with all the study materials for each semester though its UConnect study portal and the lectures are made available to students via audio, video or written format. Students can directly approach their lecturers and tutors in a number of ways like online student forums, calling them in business hours or emailing.

University of Southern Queensland holds 701st ranking in QS World University Rankings 2014/15.

Charles Sturt University

Charles Sturt University is the leading and largest online university of Australia with over 20,000 enrollments every year for its online undergraduate and graduate programs. The university offers online undergraduate, graduate and single subjects degree in a variety of educational subjects including, Agricultural and Wine Sciences, Allied Health, Communication and Creative Industries, Business, Engineering, Information Technology and much more. The university also provides online support to distance learners through a wide range of online services including personalized portal, student forums and university’s online scholarly environment CSU interact.

CSU holds 701+ ranking in QS World University Rankings 2014/15.

University of Pretoria, Unit of Distance Education

University of Pretoria is the leading research University of South Africa with comprehensive track record and academic excellence. University of Pretoria launched its Unit of Distance Education in the year 2002 with an aim to address the calamitous need of practicing educators in the rural and remote areas so as to enhance their education and qualifications. The Unit of Education at University of Pretoria is basically focused on this initiative and never leaves any stone unturned to provide quality distance education to students of remote areas of South Africa. Unit of Distance Education currently offers BEd (honors) degree in policy, law and education management.

University of Pretoria holds 471-480 ranks in QS World University Rankings 2014/15.