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Best Universities For Future Doctors : Medical Schools Worldwide

Have you aspired to grow up to care others? If looking after the health and care needs of people has been your goal from the very childhood, then becoming a doctor would be the best possible career alternative.

The best universities for future doctors would let you achieve your goal of becoming a competent and renowned doctor through its reputed faculties, course curricula, trainings and practical experiences.

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Importance Of Universities For Future Doctors

With the growing concern of health issues, there is rising need for doctors across the world. The reputed universities located around the globe are the perfect platform for the candidates to realise their dreams of becoming doctors. The best universities for future doctors serve as the perfect gateways for millions of aspiring students yearning to become doctors in future. Indeed, to become a reputed and efficient doctor, you need to get trained in a top-notch university. Only the best universities for future doctors can instil the right philosophies and training in you. These institutions would impart the precise and well-designed education to you along with offering hands-on experience to the students.

List Of Best Universities For The Would-Be Doctors

Take a look at the best universities around the world for potential doctors and their rankings according to Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings 2014.

Harvard University (World Ranking: 1)

Harvard University has achieved the top most position in the list of elite universities, making it so popular for future doctors. The university was founded in the year 1636, but the medical department was established in 1782. The US based university presently has approximately 1563 students in its medical department.

University of Oxford (World Ranking: 5)

This is another prime and important medical institution located in UK. The University of Oxford is a collegiate research university opens the admission procedure during the mid of October every year. Here, the teaching commenced in the year 1096. A total of 22,116 students are presently pursuing medical course in this famed university.

University of Cambridge (World Ranking: 4)

Another most elite medical university for future doctors is University of Cambridge. This British university was established in 1209 and is the third oldest university in the world.

Stanford University (World Ranking: 3)

The Stanford University came into existence in 1885 while Leland Stanford founded the university. This US University is one of the most prestigious medical universities with a student teacher ratio of 4:1.

University of California (World Ranking: 6)

This reputed university, located in United States, is a public university system. This is one among the A-class universities for future doctors. The university was established in 1868 and consists of 10 campuses.

Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg  (World Ranking: 60)

Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg or Heidelberg University is a German university that is standing with glory from 1386. The Holy Roman Empire founded the university and presently it has more than 30,000 students.

Karolinska Institute  (World Ranking: 64)

The Karolinska Institute is a Swedish medical university that was founded in the 19th century (1810). The university, founded by Charles XIII of Sweden, presently accommodates a total of 7,300 students.

University of Toronto (World Ranking: 20)

The age old Canadian university was established on March 15, 1827. The university is controlled by Church of England.

University of Tokyo (World Ranking: 11)

With around 10 experienced and professional faculties and 30,000 students, the University of Tokyo is considered to be the one of the most coveted universities across the world.

Universities of Melbourne (World Ranking: 43)

This is an Australia-based public university that is the nation’s second oldest university. The main campus is situated in Parkville and offers high-quality medical courses for the future doctors. Many prestigious people have graduated from this university.

The above mentioned universities are the best ones around the world that have produced many eminent and proficient doctors.

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