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Business Schools in Australia

Business schools in Australia are the best amongst the country’s neighbours. The schools are often ranked amongst the best. According to the QS Global 200 Business Schools Report 2012 – 2013, there were 36 business schools from the Asian and Australian regions. Among those 36 schools, 11 of them were from Australia.

Reasons for the Growing Popularity of Australian Business Schools



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Australia has a smaller population size when compared to the United States of America and some countries from Europe. Moreover, it is more or less geographically isolated from the business hubs of the western countries.

Australia is, however, close to the growing business power houses and financial hubs located in Asia. The country’s relaxed visa controls are another reason why many candidates are attracted to the place.

Top Ranked of Australian Business Schools

Mentioned below are some of the most popular B schools in Australia according to their quality and standards of education provided to students.

Melbourne Business School (MBS) 

(a) Courses and Durations
This school is a part of the University of Melbourne and offers a variety of MBA programs including EMBA and SEMBA. The fulltime MBA course lasts for a year. The part-time MBA course takes place over a course of 2 years. The Executive MBA program takes place over the course of 18 months. The SEMBA course lasts for 14 months.

(b) Admissions Sessions
The fulltime MBA course starts in August. The part-time course admissions are done on a rolling basis and classes can start in January, April, July or September depending on the application submission date. The SEMBA course starts in March.

(c) Scholarships
The school offers a Number of Awards to help students realise their dreams. The Dean’s International Management Scholarship gives nearly $75000 towards tuition fees for international students. The Rupert Murdoch Fellowship gives $75000 for tuitions and $17000 for living expenses. The Asian Development Bank Japan program is awarded to students from ADB registered countries and covers all fees, airfares, health cover, allowances, and provides living expenses on a fortnightly basis.

(d) Importance for International Students
International students will find this college beneficial to them in many ways. Not only is it a world class institute but it also has excellent scholarships for international candidates.

Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM)

(a) Courses and Durations
AGSM is a part of the Australian School of Business and it offers programmes on general management and executive development. The MBA and EMBA courses offered by AGSM are counted among the top 50 in the world. The MBA course lasts for a minimum of 16 months. The EMBA course can take a minimum of two and a half years to complete.

(b) Admissions Sessions
The MBA course and the EMBA summer semester starts in January and February respectively.

(c) Scholarships
The fulltime MBA scholarships include the AGSM MBA AGA scholarship worth $25000, AGSM MBA Community Spirit scholarship worth an amount between $10000 to $25000 and the Broadleaf Capital International scholarship worth $10000. EMBA students can apply for the AGSM Alumni Community Leader scholarship worth 10% of tuition fees and Andrew Thyne Reid scholarship worth $12500.

(d) Importance for International Students
The MBA courses here are frequently given the first rank in many leading surveys. There is a strong international exchange program in place which can help increase the knowledge of the students.

Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM)

(a) Courses and Durations
One of the oldest business schools of Australia, MGSM offers excellent MBA and postgraduate programmes. The fulltime MBA course lasts for 12 months and the part-time for 24 months.

(b) Admissions Sessions
The fulltime MBA course commences in the month of January. The part-time MBA course starts in January, April, June or September.

(c) Scholarships
They also offer scholarships to talented candidates. The MGSM Alumni scholarship and the James Frank Kirk Citizenship scholarship each is worth AUD16000. The Woolworth’s scholarship can provide up to AUD20000 depending on the course. The grants offered to international students are different from those offered to Australian candidates. The Vice-Chancellor scholarship is worth AUD16000 and the Allan Moyes Leadership award is worth AUD10000.

(d) Importance for International Students
Their research facilities are internationally recognised and are considered to be world class. Moreover, since The grants offered to international students are free from domestic competition, there is a better chance for them to get accepted.

Brisbane Graduate School of Business 

(a) Courses and Durations
The school offers both part-time and fulltime MBA courses and a DBA course as well. The fulltime MBA course lasts for 12 months while the part-time course takes 3 years. The EMBA course takes 22 months.

(b) Admissions Sessions
The courses commence from March or September. The EMBA course starts in January.

(c) Scholarships
The grants awarded by the school can waiver the fees completely. Half and quarter waivers are also possible. They also offer merit awards.

(d) Importance for International Students
The faculty is linked to some of the biggest names in financial circles and they have top class facilities for research. They allow students to participate in activities in other countries in order to enrich their knowledge and facilitate growth.

UQ Business School

(a) Courses and Durations
The MBA programme offered by them is considered to be one of the best in Australia. They offer MBA, GDipBA and GCBA courses. The MBA course has two structures with differing course lengths. The Accelerated MBA can be completed in one year while the other takes 24 months. The part-time MBA gives a maximum of 7 years.

(b) Admissions Sessions
The main MBA courses start in January.

(c) Scholarships
The school offers scholarships which can waive 25% of the tuition fees.

(d) Importance for International Students
The institution was given 5 stars in a survey which ranks schools according to the quality of MBA programmes in 2013. The survey was conducted by the Graduate Management Association of Australia. Students interested in research can avail of The grants in place.

Some Other Prominent B-Schools

Griffith Business School
This business school provides undergraduate and postgraduate business programs in different areas like franchising, tourism, real estate and property development, international business, Asian studies and employment relations.

QUT Graduate School of Business
This Business School has been awarded with Triple Crown of Accreditation. This business school offers various programs like Master of Business Administration (MBA), Graduate Certificate in Business Administration, Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA), and Doctor of Business Administration (DBA).

The University of Sydney Business School
This Business School focuses on taking global view on management education. This business school offers Master of Business Administration Program (MBA), Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) and Master of Management degrees. Each of these programs is offered to meet individual needs and goals.

Curtin Business School
It is considered as one of the most comprehensive B-Schools in Australia.  This business school provides high-quality and transformative education and research. Students can purse MBA (Global) that is an internationally recognized degree and focuses on launching your business career globally.

Australia is slowly emerging as the most popular destination for those wishing to be a part of the global business and management scenario.