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Career in Automobile Engineering

Automobile engineering is one of the most challenging careers these days. It deals with motor systems, design, technology and many more. It is the study of engineering that includes manufacturing new vehicles/ products, designing the vehicle, repairing, vehicles servicing etc. Due to higher demand and craze of vehicles automobile engineers have  many prospects all over the world.

Automobile engineer can be:
-Product design engineer
-Development engineer
-Manufacturing engineer.

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Product designer designs components and systems of the vehicles. They also involve in testing of the components. Manufacturing engineer combine all the parts of automobiles and manufacture the safety products. Development engineers concern about the delivery of the vehicles and also about the customer satisfaction.

Automotive engineers design, test and develop vehicles and / or components & systems from the concept stage through to production. They are also involved in improving the vehicle in response to customer feedback once launched in the market.

Educational Qualifications:

Students who have a strong command in mathematics, physics, chemistry computer science and biotechnology can find a lucrative career in the field of Automobile Engineering. Numerous institutes from all over the world conduct several undergraduate (B.E./B.Tech degree), post graduate (M.E./M.Tech) and diploma programs. In certain colleges even degree holders in electrical or mechanical branch can go in for specialization in automobile engineering at the postgraduate level. The basic eligibility criteria for BE / B.Tech in Automobile Engineering is 10+2 or equivalent examination with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics or Bio-technology, Bio-informatics, Biomedical. The selection criteria differs country wise. In India for pursuing B.E./B.Tech one has to depend on the merit result of intermediate and entrance examinations (IIT, AIEEE and also many state level exams).There are many institutes around the globe which are offering courses in this sector. Some of the top institutes are:

University of Brighton
Oxford Brookes University
Delhi College of Technology & Management 
University of Hertfordshire
University of Glasgow
Kingston University
Cornell University
Stanford University

Skills required:

  • Advanced computer skills and Willingness to learn more.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Good analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Ability to deal with people diplomatically. Flexibility to understand and apply new technologies in a competitive environment.
  • Team facilitator and willing to take responsibilities.
  • Automotive engineers should be creative, inquisitive, and analytical and detail oriented.
  • Thorough knowledge of different aspects of engineering.

Jobs for Automobile Engineers:

There is no need to tell that how this sector is emerging now days. So not only in manufacturing but also in servicing these engineers are highly demanded. There are job prospects in every category of automobile engineer. It will be available in automobile manufacturer, service centers, dealers or a garage. The job positions may include:

-Automobile technician,
-Automotive integration manager,
-Automotive control system manager,
-Automotive service technician,
-Engineering manager,
-Automotive sales engineer,
-Automotive sales consultant,
-Vehicle integration supervisor,
-Lead technician – vehicle repairs and
-Maintenance technician.

The responsibilities will be like disintegrating, assembling and repairing automobile parts follow the safety guidelines and coordinating with other departments. An automobile engineering position at the technician level requires a high school diploma or GED combined with a certification in the field of automobiles. Senior positions or engineer positions may require a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering or automobiles engineering. Prior experience in the area may be advantageous. Automotive engineers generally work in offices on computers, but they also travel to manufacturing plants to conduct experiments or collect data.

Famous personalities related to automobile engineers:

Over the years we’ve seen how companies have twisted older forms of technology, while coming up with bigger and better alternatives. Let’s take a look at those responsible for kick-starting such a future of modernity and advancement. Bruce Roberts, a motorcycle design engineer for Harley Davidson.  Peter Rawlinson, Tesla motors chief engineer design Tesla Motors Model S which is all-electric luxury sports sedan and many more.


There are many scholarships which are offered to the students of automobile engineer majors. The scholarships are provided by different universities and colleges for different levels. Every scholarship has different eligibility criteria. If you are passionate about pursuing an educational program in this sector then financial constraint should not hinder your way.

Recently due to the fast growth of automobiles, the requirement of professionals has been increasing significantly. Therefore the option of choosing this major as your profession will be interesting as well as compensating. The automotive industry offers the most exciting and rewarding career opportunities an engineer could wish for. So dear readers don’t waste time give speed to your career and make your future secure and bright.

Good Luck!!

Vaishali Arora