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Careers In Logistics And Supply Chain Management

Today in the domain of logistics and supply chain management you will come across with a large number of career options indeed.

Since, logistics and supply chain management has become an integral component for organizations seeking lean and efficient operations, several universities across the globe are rendering opportunities for more targeted education in this field. However, it is suggested that before deciding upon taking up a career in supply chain and logistics students need to know what exactly the real impacts of this field is, in everyday life.

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If you go alone with data statistics then, logistics has been known to account for more than 9.5% of U. S GDP. If you study the summary part you shall come across that $1.3 trillion is spent on activities such as transportation, and related logistics activities. Add in the vast sums of money spent on supply management and manufacturing and you’re looking at a field with tremendous impact on the success of organizations, domestically and globally.

Significance Of Logistics & Supply Chain Management

The importance of supply chain management is growing even faster in the present times. Acknowledging the global significance of SCM, it is likely to create a robust job market in the coming years.

If you try to analyze and draw conclusions on the available employment opportunities for SCM you may come across a range of potential employers from traditional manufacturers and retailers to supply chain specialists like consulting firms and transportation service providers. Then the other best option available for SCM as a career is that SCM positions typically offer a full range of benefits and you are likely to be eligible for bonus pay.

Why Opt For SCM Career Path

There are a hundred of career options available when you have decided to take Supply chain management as your destined career path.  There is no such standard career path defined for SCM. However it is very well known that a career path necessarily stands to be influenced by the type of skills, interest and your personal decisions.

Then the other things which can also cause and impact over a career path is size, type, geographic scope, and organizational structure of the firm that you choose to work for.

As a rule of thumb, which applies to almost every organization is your consistency and dedication which will become the true measure of your success. To find success in the field of SCM, you need to follow a flexible approach. In SCM you get to know people from all different sectors. That is to say that you will work with people throughout your company—logistics, manufacturing, and marketing.  It very well depends on the size of your company, your initial responsibilities for dealing up with one or more logistics functions.

There are abundant opportunities and career paths in this field—it is up to you to seek them out and develop the appropriate skills to become successful.

Employment Opportunities In Supply Chain Management

The career options available with supply chain management are quite lucrative which are motivating more and more people to take a career in this industry. With the increasing demand of supply chain managers and planners it is needless to say that the SCM industry is going to have a breakthrough in the coming times.

Job Profiles In Terms Of Year Of Experience Required

First Level Management (0-4 years)
1. Consultant
2. Customer Service Manager
Middle Level Management (5-10 years)
1. International Logistic Manager
2. Purchasing Manager
3. Supply Chain Software Manager

Executive Level Management (11+ years)
1. Vice President SCM

Courses And Universities For A Career In Supply Chain Management And Logistics

-BEM – KEDGE Business School ISLI – MS Global Supply Chain Management

The course is complete in itself as it offers the knowledge to manage a logistics system as a whole and give it strategic and economic value

-WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business) Master of Science in Supply Chain Management

The program is specially designed for intellectual students belonging to science engineering business and management streams.

MS Global Supply Chain Management

The full time, one year duration MSGSCM program builds upon courses which expand your related knowledge and problem solving skills to provide an exclusive global work experience as a member of an international team.

-Copenhagen Business School (CBS) Msc in Economics & Business Administration –   Supply Chain Management

This master degree program equips the students with the required skills to better understand           the   core concepts, models and theories for strategically managing, designing and controlling international supply chains.

-Università Bocconi: Master’s degree in Economics and Management of Transport, Logistics and Infrastructure – MEMIT

MEMIT is the first level, full time master degree program that focuses on developing skills to better understand and manage diverse components that make up the infrastructure, logistics and transport system , through a inter-modal and cross-disciplinary.

-University of British Columbia, Msc in Business Administration, Transportation and Logistics

The program aims to provide students with analytical skills and in-depth knowledge of various aspects of transportation and logistics.

-Maastricht University Msc Global Supply Chain Management and Change

The program equips the students with the skills to meet the ever growing demands and to understand both supply chain management challenges and the impact of innovation in business success.

-ESSEC Business School Advanced Master’s Degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Professional BASICS of Supply Chain Management certification granted by the American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS) are been taught to the graduates of supply chain management who aim to begin a professional career soon.

-Erasmus University Rotterdam Msc in Supply Chain Management

This is a vocationally oriented program that gives you the much needed knowledge and skill required for becoming a competent operator in modern integrated logistics environment

-Master of Logistics, Curtin Singapore

This master degree program is specifically intended for professional logistic specialists and experts who desire to excel in their career path significantly. The program basically caters the needs of those professionals with exceptional supervisory and technical skills in supply chain management and logistics.

Available International Scholarships

MSc Global Supply Chain Management International Scholarship 2014-15

International student scholarships of up to £2500 available

Brunel University London Scholarships for International Students

Sheffield University Management School Scholarships (Koh Stevenson Scholarships – MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management)