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Carleton University New Bursary Program Launched

The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) recently donated a sum of $500,000 to the Sprott School of Business for their new bursary program for students.

Jerry Tomberlin, the Dean at Sprott School cannot thank enough CIBC for extending the financial support given to them towards building their dream future for youngsters who are experts in Business and Entrepreneurship.

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Since the very beginning, philanthropists across the world have donated for the welfare of these young business students for their skills training and education programs. Due to this reason, Sprott School of Business has been able to establish its name as one among the leading Business schools across the globe today.

The high school students who are looking for admission with the Sprott School for Bachelor of Commerce should meet the specific academic specifications put forward by the institution. If they need to avail the financial aid of $5,000 per student, a candidate should present all his certificates that are demanded by the institution.

Carleton University bursary

CIBC is indeed proud to be associated with a great educational institution like Carleton University that takes active participation in supporting the young generation as they climb the ladder of success. They support their education, mentor training and development so they can succeed to be experts in their field in the future years.

The specifications that are provided in the brochure are solely focused on the academic performances of the students applying for this course. They will only short list smart candidates for the admission procedure.

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) is a Canada based financial institution that supports more than 11 million clients in the fields of business and banking. CIBC has their main focus on causes for kids, community and curing various epidemic diseases that are affecting people on a global basis.

They swear by the fact that they are providing towards the economic and social development of people all across the world and they have been active participants in causes like Breast Cancer Cures, Children’s Foundations and United Ways. Only last year, they have managed to donate more than $41 million in 430 countries across the world and collaborated with over 1,800 organizations for the betterment of the people.

Sprott School of Business and Entrepreneurship is located in Ottawa, Canada. It is a part of Carleton University and its main goal is to recognize true talents in the fields of Business and Commerce and help them get forward in the field.

Their education programs include exploring new business strategies, new innovative techniques to test the core strengths of their students so that they can rise in the world of Commerce.

It can be clearly said that the youngsters who would be selected for the new bursary program provided by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce will be the promising talents in the years to come and they will have to undergo strict training to develop their skills in the business field.

Even when they’ll be studying under the best professors in the field, they will have to prove their potential time and again by the extensive exam programs offered by Sprott School of Business. The School’s brochure gives a detailed schedule of all the classes taken by expert professors and the syllabus that will be covered by them.

The exam schedule will also be provided at the end so that each student can be awarded the grades they deserve as a part of the development program in the Business School. Although, Carleton University is known to make futures better, the extensive study patterns and exam schedules is clearly for students who are ready to devote their time and energy to Business.