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Cinematography Scholarships, 2018-2019

Search cinematography scholarships to study and pursue career in the same field. Our site scholarship-positions.com has made it easy for the international students to find cinematography scholarships by compiling this list. The list is updated with current opportunities and approaching deadlines. Worldwide universities, colleges, private and public sources like Kodak Limited, the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture, Arts University Bournemouth, etc are awarding prestigious scholarships to students majoring in cinematography for different degree courses. Cinematographers are the persons who determine how each scene in a movie or video will look on camera. A degree in cinematography sets the foundation for a career as a cinematographer or producer.

Work of Cinematographers-
Cinematographers are probably one of the important persons who create motion pictures. Without these experts, moving images would not be encapsulated. These skilled persons never work alone. They are continuously in contact with lighting technicians, director, set designers, etc to make his work done appropriately. In large projects, a cinematographer will also work with several other cinematographers as well. These professionals are not only needed to shoot motion pictures, but they are also required to capture moving images for television shows, documentaries and advertisements as well.

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Average Annual Salary and Career Prospects of a Cinematographer-
As video capturing is an art of showcasing the moving pictures. This is an art of presenting a message without using words. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, cinematographers made an average annual salary of $58,000. However, the salary of Cinematographer depends on various factors such as his locations, industries, work, etc. Cinematography opens a wide range of career prospects in framing, lighting, film making and shooting movies.

If you are a current or future cinematography student, there are scholarship opportunities available that can help fund your future. Explore the list below.

MA Scholarship Awards in Cinematography
A limited number of MA Scholarship Awards of up to £3000 are available to successful UK and EU students. The scholarships are awarded as a partial waiver of the tuition fee, not as a payment to the student. Applicants must demonstrate high level of past achievement. Scholarships will be available in January each year.

AFAC Cinematography Scholarships
Arab Fund for Arts and Culture is now accepting applications for cinema scholarships 2016. The call is open to Arab directors and producers living in the Arab region or in diaspora. AFAC only covers project-related expenses, not running operating costs. Cinema applications must be submitted online which will be will open on February 1st, 2016 for the categories of Visual Arts and Performing Arts and May 1st for cinema.

KODAK Student Cinematography Scholarship Award
Each year, Student Cinematography Scholarship Award is offered by Kodak for university or college students of cinematography at the undergraduate or graduate levels in a degree or diploma program. Nominees will be evaluated solely on the quality of their cinematography skills. Online application deadline is May 16, each year.

KODAK Student Scholarship Awards for International Students
Each year Kodak student scholarship awards are offered for the students of worldwide colleges and universities. Each award will include a cash tuition prize along with KODAK film product grants to assist recipients with future projects. Nominees will be evaluated on the basis of academic achievement, creative and technical ability, communications ability and range of filmmaking experience. The application deadline is May 16, each year.

DTIC PhD Fellowships in Spain
The Department of Information and Communication Technologies at Universitat Pompeu Fabra offers up to 20 PhD Fellowships. Both EU and non-EU researchers can apply for these fellowships. There are two types of fellowships-RDI and Full DTIC which includes the annual tutorship fees, but not the administrative fees neither the fees for validations of degrees issued by a university outside the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) without homologation. Fellowships are awarded for four years and are renewed yearly. Applications are accepted continuously with 5 application periods along the year, until June 26th

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