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Clinical research fellowships

Clinical research fellowships (Biomedical Sciences Panel)

Clinical research fellowships are awarded to encourage clinicians into an academic research career in rheumatology or any related field concerned with the treatment of arthritis and related musculoskeletal diseases. They are open to medical graduates, usually at specialist registrar level, and aim to provide an opportunity for training in clinical and/or laboratory research techniques in a project that demonstrates clear relevance to the aims of arc in a centre of excellence in the UK.

Fellowships are normally awarded for 3 years and successful candidates will be expected to register for a higher degree (usually a PhD). Salaries will be according to age and experience on the appropriate clinical salary scale (see Essential information for applicants).  Application may also be made for reasonable running costs although tuition fees will not generally be provided.

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These fellowships, which are not renewable, are advertised once a year (see Application Deadlines) and shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview. Applications should be made jointly by the candidate with his/her sponsor and should outline the proposed programme of research and the nature of the training to be provided.

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